Quincy University has announced a new foundational course in business literacy, to be called Business Fundamentals.  Designed for juniors and seniors who are not business majors or minors, and for recent graduates (2019-2020) who did not study business, Business Fundamentals will be offered during the 2021 May interim session and for the future, during the university’s January Term (“J Term”).

The Business Fundamentals course is offered at no charge as a free benefit to all qualifying Quincy University students. Textbooks also will be provided at no expense.

The new course presents a broad introduction to the functioning of business within the U.S. economic framework. The course will increase students’ fluency in the common language of business and offer instruction in specific areas, such as economic systems, essential elements of business organization, production, human resource management, marketing, finance and risk management.

“At Quincy University, we are proud of our Franciscan commitment to the liberal arts and the many excellent majors in the arts, sciences and professions that are completed by our students,” said Brian McGee, Ph.D., QU president. “In today’s business and financial climate, we also believe that many more of our graduates would benefit from having access to instruction by our outstanding business faculty in business fundamentals. The Business Fundamentals course will give many more students the preparation they need to ensure their effectiveness in the workplace.”

“This new opportunity for free instruction in business fundamentals is another important addition to QU’s Success by Design commitment, as we offer even more opportunities that help our students succeed after graduation,” said McGee.

The online, three-week course includes Monday – Friday synchronous meetings and is worth five credit hours. Students have the option to audit the course for no credit, take an exam for non-credit certification, or complete additional coursework for credit. Students must choose their preferred option for completing the course at the time of registration.

“Quincy University has a great tradition of preparing majors and minors in business,” said Teresa I. Reed, Ph.D., QU vice president for academic affairs. “With the Business Fundamentals course, more students than ever will have the advantage of basic business instruction prior to graduation. In today’s rapidly changing work environment, there is a much stronger expectation by employers that new graduates will have a basic understanding of business principles.”

The Business Fundamentals course continues the proud tradition of QU as an innovator in undergraduate and graduate business instruction. QU has offered the MBA degree for over 40 years, and QU’s undergraduate program is one of the largest at the university. Unlike many other liberal arts universities, QU had a business program at the time the university was founded in 1860.

For more information about the Business Fundamentals course, or to discuss ways in which the Business Fundamentals course can prepare undergraduate students or alumni for graduate study in business, contact Cynthia Haliemun, Ph.D., dean of the school of business, at haliecy@quincy.edu.

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