Profile PictureKrista Delany Manard ’15, in collaboration with professor of biology, Joseph R. Coelho, Ph.D., recently published an article entitled “Insects in Folk Music.”  The study examines values expressed toward arthropods in folk music.

The study began as Manard’s honors research project while she was a student at QU. Sadly, Manard passed away in November 2017 and due to delays in publication, was never able to see her article published. Manard was a nontraditional student, who returned to school to pursue a degree in biology with an emphasis in research on gut microbiota and its effects on human health. She was also very interested in entomology, and her interest in the field led to the publication of this article.

The paper was published in American Entomologist, Volume 65, Issue 1, Spring 2019, Pages 61-65. American Entomologist shares relevant information and thought-provoking dialogue about the practice, value, and impact of insect science across a diverse entomological community. Since March 2001, issues that are two years old have been made freely available online in PDF format. All book reviews published since 2001 are also freely available online.

Dr. Joseph R. Coelho obtained a B.S. in biology from the University of California at Riverside and a Ph.D. in environmental, population and organismic biology from the University of Colorado. He came to Quincy University in 2004. His research primarily focuses on the physiological ecology of insects, especially solitary wasps, and also includes studies in cultural entomology, such as insects in music. He teaches all of the field courses, including Ecology, Environmental Science, Entomology, Plant Field Biology and Vertebrate Field Biology.

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