The Dean’s List does not go on official university transcripts and is not part of a student’s permanent record.  It is a temporary honor that is reserved for undergraduate full-time students only.  Students with incomplete grades are not eligible for the Dean’s list.

Quincy University released its Dean’s List for the Fall 2020 semester. Honorees must earn a semester grade point average of at least 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale) to be included in the biannual Dean’s List. In total, 361 students received the honor during the Fall 2020 semester. A complete list of honorees is listed below:

Caitlyn Adams of Quincy, IL

Ryan Adams of Niota, IL

Emily Ahrens of Berwyn, IL

Austin Amelung of Defiance, MO

Jemini Archer of Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Baylee Arnold of Liberty, IL

Kealey Atkinson of Bolingbrook, IL

Alexander Aubuchon of Hermitage, MO

Britini Bailey of Brighton, CO

Christopher Bailey of Quincy, IL

Stormie Baker of Quincy, IL

Michele Barletta of Johannesburg, South Africa

Isaac Barnes of Quincy, IL

Dakota Barnett of Camp Point, IL

Jeremiah Baselice of Quincy, IL

Elizabeth Battefeld of Meredosia, IL

Madeline Bauer of O’Fallon, MO

Chandler Beebe of Mount Sterling, IL

Owen Behrens of Prophetstown, IL

Brianna Berger of Murphysboro, IL

Anthony Binaei of Ballwin, MO

Megan Boeve of Festus, MO

Lucas Booher of Quincy, IL

Breanna Bordewick of Quincy, IL

Brock Boynton of Mishawaka, IN

Dorian Bramer of Quincy, IL

Casey Brennan of South Elgin, IL

Makayla Briggs of Quincy, IL

James Broemmer of Quincy, IL

Lauren Brown of Quincy, IL

Sarah Brown of Kirkwood, MO

Seth Brown of Hannibal, MO

Madison Brueck of Quincy, IL

Konnar Bunn of Palmyra, MO

Brianna Butler of Palm Harbor, FL

Edrey Caceres of Houston, TX

Dana Caley of Quincy, IL

Alyssa Calvin of Coatsburg, IL

Allison Chailland of Ursa, IL

Nicholas Chapman of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Craig Chisholm of Cheshire, United Kingdom

Cooper Coleman of Buckeye, AZ

MacKenzie Collier of Custer Park, IL

Cody Collins of Pittsfield, IL

William Connell of Quincy, IL

Sarah Conroy of Naperville, IL

Samuele Contestabile of Celano, Italy

Thomas Conzemius of Deerfield, IL

Elizabeth Cook of Quincy, IL

Kyra Corrigan of Quincy, IL

Sophia Corson of Golden, IL

Sam Costa of Ballwin, MO

Lauren Coy of Quincy, IL

Koby Craft of Liberty, IL

Lauren Crane of O’Fallon, MO

Chance Cregeen of Belvidere, IL

Dayson Croes of Noord, Aruba

Erin Cromie of Liberty, IL

Joshua Crowl of Westville, IL

Gino D’Alessio of Quincy, IL

Lauren Danley of Hull, IL

Alexander David ofJohnson Creek, WI

Evan Davis of Indianapolis, IN

Natalie Dearwester of Camp Point, IL

Jenna Decker of Springfield, IL

Ashley Deeter of Quincy, IL

Shelby DeMint of Basco, IL

Christian DeMoss of Quincy, IL

Roman Deryckere of Roubaix, France

Cheyenne DeWeese of Liberty, IL

Katelyn Dixon of Mendon, IL

Caleigh Dodd of Quincy, IL

Collin Doiron of Red Bud, IL

Taylor Downen of Waterloo, IL

Samuel Dust of Quincy, IL

Emily Earhart of Manhattan, KS

Elivia Edge of Quincy, IL

Rachel Edwards of Murrayville, IL

Melissa Elledge of Quincy, IL

Brock Elmore of Quincy, IL

Abbigail Elsie of Quincy, IL

Lucas Ensley of Quincy, IL

Josie Eriksen of Crystal Lake, IL

Cole Evans of Columbia, MO

Brenden Everhart of Frisco, TX

Joscelynn Favre of Quincy, IL

Jessica Felix of Des Plaines, IL

David Fitzgerald of Lake Saint Louis, MO

Kennady Fleer of Quincy, IL

Aideen Floretta of Webster Groves, MO

Jacob Flynn of Mount Sterling, IL

Jonathan Foote of Fowler, IL

Joel Forbes of New Providence, Bahamas

Giulio Fortugno of Casa Rio, Saskatoon, Canada

Matthew Friddle of Plainfield, IL

Elizabeth Gardner of Loraine, IL

Cassidee Garner of Ewing, MO

Rebecca Garner of Quincy, IL

Ashley Gerber of Racine, WI

Alexia Ginter of Troy, MO

Madeline Girolamo of Aurora, IL

Kolby Glasgow of Quincy, IL

Lexi Goehl of Quincy, IL

Kennedy Gooding of Quincy, IL

Sydney Gorman of O’Fallon, MO

Riley Graskewicz of Keytesville, MO

Breanna Gratton of Baylis, IL

Katelyn Gratza of Marthasville, MO

Jackson Gregory of St. Joseph, MO

Mackenzie Greving of Quincy, IL

Rebecca Griffith of Bowling Green, MO

Alyssa Grimm of Maryville, IL

Nicholas Grindle of Clayton, IL

Trevor Gurr of Crestwood, KY

Abbey Haas of Millstadt, IL

Madison Haertling of Sparta, IL

Bret Haffer of Wentzville, MO

Olivia Haffner of Colchester, IL

Emily Hagedorn of Quincy, IL

Grant Hajicek of Columbia, MO

Medea Hall of Versailles, IL

Paige Haller of Quincy, IL

Jay Hammel of Brook, IN

Makaela Hampton of Benton, IL

Noam Hannoun of Givaat Ada, Israel

Caleb Harmon of Payson, IL

Zoee Harrington of O’Fallon, MO

Henry Haughton of Vero Beach, FL

Philip Haverstock of Quincy, IL

Riley Hayes of Saint Louis, MO

Caitlyn Hecht of Quincy, IL

Jordan Heeter of Kenosha, WI

Nathan Hendricker of Mount Sterling, IL

Carrie Hert of Quincy, IL

Bailee Highbarger of Amboy, IL

Grace Hilbing of Quincy, IL

Brianna Hildebrand of Camp Point, IL

Katheryn Hildebrand of Plainville, IL

Nathan Hoebing of Quincy, IL

Katherine Hogge of Quincy, IL

Emma Holt of Wildwood, MO

Veronica Holtschlag of Camp Point, IL

Dante Hoover of Winchester, IL

Charlotte Horman of Quincy, IL

Melissa Hough of Quincy, IL

Andrew Houston of Raymore, MO

Paige Houston of Quincy, IL

Grace Hrabusicky of Smithton, IL

Samuel Huff of Saint Louis, MO

Shane Hulsey of Wentzville, MO

Kyra Humbert of Millstadt, IL

Alison Humphrey of Payson, IL

Blake Huskey of Clinton, MO

Laikean James of Hannibal, MO

Lynnea Janssen of Camp Point, IL

Sharadyn Janssen of Camp Point, IL

Isabella Jarvis of Rockport, IL

Jayle Jennings of Vandalia, MO

Erica Johnson of Quincy, IL

Sydney Johnston of Quincy, IL

Leanne Jones of Carthage, IL

Peyton Jones of Pittsfield, IL

Bailey Keller of Quincy, IL

Todd Kelly of Mendon, IL

Jennah Kerker of Mount Sterling, IL

Courtney Kernich of Mount Olive, IL

Madeline Kindel of Dawson, IL

Olivia Kindt of Dyer, IN

Keegan Klingele of Mendon, IL

Emma Klitzing of Beecher City, IL

Logan Klitzing of Beecher City, IL

Michael Klotz of Millstadt, IL

Emma Knipe of Nauvoo, IL

Allissa Knuffman of Quincy, IL

Abigail Kohlberg of Moro, IL

Faith Krabbe of Long Grove, IL

Grant Kroeger of Quincy, IL

Lauren Kroeger of Quincy, IL

Nathan Krueger of Florence, WI

Grayson Kuan of Saskatoon, Canada

Shelby LaCroix of Quincy, IL

Michael Ladner of Inzing, Austria

Michael Langford of San Diego, CA

Abigail Langin of Mena, AR

Alivia Lantz of Augusta, IL

Delaney Lantz of Augusta, IL

Steffi Lao of Chicago, IL

Nathan Lawton of New Berlin, WI

Adam Lay of Palmyra, MO

Ashley Lay of Palmyra, MO

Emily LeBlanc of Morrisville, NY

Laila Leist-Alston of Corona, CA

Athena Lesiotis of River Forest, IL

Julia Liesen of Quincy, IL

McKinney Little of Quincy, IL

Zoey Little of Quincy, IL

Rachael Livingston of O’Fallon, MO

Joseph Loefer of Quincy, IL

Lance Loos of Quincy, IL

Emily Love of Eugene, MO

Immanuel Love of Carbondale, IL

Andrew Lucas of Chesterfield, MO

Brayden Luckhaupt of Fowler, IL

Amy Luley of Florissant, MO

Matthew Lussnig of Huntley, IL

Claire Macy of Corvallis, OR

Mark Maguire of Washington, MO

Mary Jane Maguire of Washington, MO

Mary Maloney of O’Fallon, MO

Lydia Martens of Heyworth, IL

Addison Martin of Industry, IL

Lane Martin of San Antonio, TX

Rebecca Martin of Quincy, IL

Malorie Matlick of Aledo, IL

Kelly McClure of Webster Groves, MO

Jayde McGraw of Payson, IL

Joseph Meidl of New London, MO

Kayla Mellon of Quincy, IL

Meagan Mero of Quincy, IL

Nicholas Messinger of Brighton, IL

Hannah Meyers of Shelbyville, MO

Seth Middleton of Richmond, IN

Amber Miller of Pittsfield, IL

Sierra Miller of Ursa, IL

Ryan Mills of Versailles, IL

Evan Milsteadt of Normal, IL

Bailey Mitchell of Geneseo, IL

Adam Moore of Saint Charles, MO

Emily Morton of Warsaw, IL

Jesse Mose of Cedar Hill, MO

Daphne Moss of Fowler, IL

Heather Musholt of Quincy, IL

Luke Napleton of LaGrange, IL

Kevin Nathan of Noisy le roi, France

Sarah Nelson of Quincy, IL

Samantha Newbanks of Quincy, IL

Joseph Niemerg of Dieterich, IL

Francisco Nique Siemund of Trujillo, Peru

Mattison Norris of Alexandria, IN

Emma Norton of Lanark, IL

Kori Kay Obert of Quincy, IL

Landon Obert of Liberty, IL

Madelynn Obert of Camp Point, IL

Mathias Obert of Quincy, IL

Cora Ondrus of Naperville, IL

Brittany Orf of Bowling Green, MO

Mia Orlet of Belleville, IL

Shane Ormond of Liberty, IL

Gloria Owen of St. Peters, MO

Emily Owens of Marseilles, IL

Kailey Owsley of Quincy, IL

Oluwafemi Oyetayo of Westchester, IL

Elise Pasley of Quincy, IL

Sara Pate of Pevely, MO

Richard Peat of Fenton, MO

Faith Pender of Saint Louis, MO

Hope Pender of Saint Louis, MO

Beth Pendergraff of Quincy, IL

Jordan Penrose of Hannibal, MO

Judith Percy of Quincy, IL

Blake Peter of Quincy, IL

Anna Peters of Plainville, IL

Sarah Peters of Quincy, IL

Aleksandra Petrovic of Belgrade, Serbia

Paige Phelps of Rushville, IL

Cassie Phillips of Coatsburg, IL

Gregory Phillips of Canton, MO

Thomas Pickett of Quincy, IL

Connor Pigg of Quincy, IL

Greta Pileckaite of Woodstock, GA

Ashley Poore of Grover, MO

Troy Potts of Quincy, IL

Kathryn Powell of Quincy, IL

Nicholas Powell of Stoutsvile, MO

Emily Powers of Fort Madison, IA

Gabrielle Pratt of Quincy, IL

Josiah Prenger of Columbia, MO

Jaydyn Pugh of Quincy, IL

Colin Queen of Powell, WY

Diego Ravelo of Lima, Peru

Alexis Rayl of Quincy, IL

John Reckers of Quincy, IL

Emily Rehagen of Saint Charles, MO

James Reichert of Quincy, IL

Zachary Reider of Dardenne Prairie, MO

Rachel Reinbeck of Green Valley, IL

Rebecca Reinbeck of Quincy, IL

Timothy Reinholz of Waterloo, IL

Cory Rice of Saint Louis, MO

Devin Rice of Saint Louis, MO

Ryan Riggs of Bow, WA

Patrick Ringwald of Saint Louis, MO

Nicole Rivera Diaz of Ocala, FL

Elizabeth Robertson of Quincy, IL

Evan Rockhold of Quincy, IL

Justin Rodriguez of Bolingbrook, IL

Joseph Roscetti of Sherman, IL

Alaina Rothermich of Old Monroe, MO

Amalia Rueter of Hoffman, IL

Julia Ruffcorn of Clayton, IL

Landon Ruzicka of Canton, GA

Meghan Salamon of Pecatonica, IL

Daniel Sanchez of Carrollton, TX

Taryn Sargent of Huntley, IL

Kari Sarhage of Collinsville, IL

Brooklyn Schantz of Luray, MO

Emily Scheu of Hamilton, IL

Clare Schmitz of Quincy, IL

Colby Schulz of Philadelphia, MO

John Schwepker of Saint Peters, MO

Sophie Shackleton of Quincy, IL

Abigail Shaw of Hamilton, IL

Parker Shelton of Payson, IL

Lauryn Sheurman of Quincy, IL

Grace Siebers of Fowler, IL

Joseph Siemer of Teutopolis, IL

Kelsey Simmons of Mendon, IL

Katlin Soriano of Metairie, LA

Emma Sparrow of Quincy, IL

Greta Specht of Coal Valley, IL

Avery Spilker of Camp Point, IL

Kennidy Stephens of Quincy, IL

Emily Stone of Philadelphia, MO

Catrina Stotts of Quincy, IL

Michael Sullivan of Aurora, IL

Amanda Summers of Quincy, IL

Lydia Summers of Hamilton, IL

Kyle Swanner of Maryville, IL

Tori Taylor of Nauvoo, IL

Madalyn Tegeler of Effingham, IL

Felipe Teles Santana of Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tiger Thomas of Kingston, Jamaica

Eric Tipton of Moscow Mills, MO

Tomáš Tláskal of Ledec nad Sázavou, Czech Republic

Jadon Underhill of Palmyra, MO

Cameryn Varble of Carrollton, IL

Alex Venvertloh of Quincy, IL

Kassidy Venvertloh of Quincy, IL

Lakyn Waldschmidt of Sterling, IL

Jase Wallingford of Maywood, MO

David Webb of LaVista, NE

Erik Weiler of Edwardsville, IL

Darin Weisinger of Mendon, IL

Kassidy Westerman of Plainville, IL

Tessa Wheelan of Pleasant Hill, IL

Graci White of Centralia, IL

John Widhalm of Columbia, MO

Paige Willer of Quincy, IL

Lacey Williams of Quincy, IL

Zachary Willing of Quincy, IL

Sara Wilson of Rushville, IL

Bethany Wingerter of Quincy, IL

Veronica Wingerter of Quincy, IL

Andrew Winkeljohn of Quincy, IL

Mackenzie Winking of Quincy, IL

Matthew Winking of Quincy, IL

Erika Wiseman of Quincy, IL

Michal Wiseman of Quincy, IL

Peyton Wiseman of Payson, IL

Grant Wolfe of O’Fallon, MO

Nolan Wosman of Hannibal, MO

Ouekie Wright of Jefferson City, MO

Kaylee Young of Quincy, IL


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