Quincy University’s Pursuit in Learning in Society (POLIS) fall semester class schedule is now released. POLIS is an opportunity for lifelong learning for seniors. The atmosphere is casual and welcoming with no tests, plus cookies and coffee at break.

Fall Class Schedule:

  • September 21 and 28 – “Treatment of Slavery in Film” – Megan Boccardi
  • September 26 – “Astronomy” – Bob Weirather
  • October 10– “The Forgotten Pandemic: The 1918 Influenza Outbreak and the Hunt for the Killer Virus” – Dr. Timothy Jacobs, D.O.
  • October 12 – “The History of Watercolor” –Robert Lee Mejer
  • October 17 – “Court 101” –Shari Robesky, Jamie Friye, and Danielle Woodyard
  • October 18 – “American Acting Past and Present: History in American Theatre” – Philip LeStrange
  • October 24 – Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Bus Tour, Springfield, Ill.
  • October 25 – “Sir Thomas More” – Dr. Justin Coffey
  • November 1 and 8 – “History of Modern Israel” –Dr. C. Patrick Hotle
  • November 2 – “Separation of Powers- Constitutional Cornerstone” – Jim Pal
  • November 6 – “The Life and Music of Patsy Cline and The Life and Music of Hank Williams” – Nona Long
  • November 9 and 16 – “Mafia and Organized Crime: Was It or Is It in Quincy? –Deacon Harry L. Cramer
  • November 14 – “Conspiracy Theories in the US: A Love Affair as Long as the Nation” –Dana Craciun
  • November 27– “Prerogative Power and the American Presidency” – Dr. Neil Wright
  • November 30, December 7 – “Antigone and the Politics of Mourning” –Dr. Robert Manning
  • December 5 – “Deck the Halls: A Look at Christmas Music Through the Ages” –Dr. Christine Damm
  • December 14 – “Making a Case for Christian Philosophy: The Distinctive Foundational Principles that Form the Substructure of Christian Faith” –Dr. Daniel Strudwick

The cost of a POLIS membership is $15 per semester, and each two-hour class $4 to attend. Anyone is welcome to bring friends and attend one class free of charge. Registration is Wednesday, September 5, 2:00-4:00 p.m. in the conference room off the lobby of the main entrance at Quincy University’s North Campus (18th and Seminary Road), or forms can be submitted by mail. Classes will be held at North Campus, with signs to indicate directions to the individual classes.

The cost of attendance to the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Bus Tour is $62.50 and includes a buffet lunch, gratuity and admission to the Lincoln Library and Museum. The bus will depart from the Holy Cross Friary (724 N. 20th St.) at 8:30 a.m. and return to Quincy at 6:30 p.m. The attendance fee must be paid by October 10 to reserve the bus and admission.

To be added to the POLIS mailing list and receive a brochure describing all fall classes plus a registration form, please email polis@quincy.edu with a name and address, call 217-228-5594, or visit the POLIS webpage at www.quincy.edu/polis.

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