Quincy University announced that local high school graduate, Landon Obert is the first recipient of the newly established Bishop’s Scholarship. Obert recently graduated from Liberty High School with honors and will begin at QU this coming fall.  

“In awarding the Bishop’s Scholarship to Landon, I am excited for both Landon and Quincy University,” said Bishop Thomas John Paprocki, bishop of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.  “Landon has shown strong academic commitment and performance as well as devotion to the Church, the Catholic faith, and to living a life of discipleship and service. As we pursue the vision of discipleship set forth in our Fourth Diocesan Synod, it is a blessing to our faith community for young people such as Landon to live in witness of the faith.”

The university awards the $10,000 Bishop’s Scholarship to one student on the recommendation of Bishop Paprocki. To be eligible for consideration, a candidate must belong to a parish in the Diocese of Springfield and have applied to QU. Candidates must be admitted to QU, choose to enroll, and submit a statement describing their involvement in their local parish, the Diocese, or the Catholic Church.

“I was in complete shock when I was told that I received the Bishop Scholarship,” said Obert. “Thank you so much to Bishop Paprocki, the Springfield Diocese, and Quincy University for giving me this life-changing scholarship!”

The scholarship is subject to the university’s stacking policy, which limits awarded institutional dollars to the value of tuition. It is renewable for up to eight semesters of study as long as the recipient remains enrolled full-time and maintains a 3.3-grade point average at QU. 

“The Bishop’s Scholarship is one of the many ways in which we at QU create opportunities for talented Catholic students in the 129 parishes and 44 schools of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois,” said Brian McGee, Ph.D., president. “ We love our collaboration with the diocese and with Bishop Paprocki, who is both a lifelong supporter of Catholic higher education and a talented scholar and author.  

“Quincy University exists because the first bishop of the diocese invited the Franciscans to Quincy over 160 years ago.  Today, we are the only Catholic university in the diocese and in downstate Illinois and are honored to provide instruction deeply rooted in our faith and in the Franciscan intellectual tradition.  

“I am grateful for Bishop Paprocki’s personal involvement in the selection of the Bishop’s Scholarship recipient, which makes this award so special. Bishop Paprocki has been a great friend to Quincy and the university, and the faculty and I are grateful for his advocacy and vision.”

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