Quincy University hosted its annual End-of-the-Year Reception for faculty and staff on May 5th for the 2016-2017 academic year. The following annual awards were presented at the event.

Franciscan Service Awards:

Staff:  Tonya Beatty
Administrator:  Dr. David Shinn
Faculty: Dr. Vicky Eidson
Adjunct Faculty: Marian Sorenson

Franciscan Hospitality Award:
Employee:  Brittany Ellerman

Excellence in Teaching Award:
Faculty:  Dr. Rick Buckwalter

The following employees were recognized for their years of service to QU.

5 Years:

Matt Bergman
Dr. Jennifer Breeden
Jeni Garber
Kendall Bowen
Julie Boll
Sam Lathrop
Bill Machold
Gary Bass
David Bowen

10 Years:
Dr. Justin Coffey
Dr. Ken Oliver
Crystal Sutter
Debby Seifert
Julie Bell
Dr. Ann Behrens
Byron Holdiman
Mike Foster

20 Years:
Donna Sohn
Julie Budine
Russ Siebers

30 Years:
Dr. David Kirchhofer