Quincy University is now offering a new scholarship program (Raise.me) to support current high school students interested in pursuing post-secondary education. The QU Trust scholarship program gives high school students an opportunity to start earning “micro-scholarships” for their academic progress and educational accomplishments throughout high school, starting as early as ninth grade. The QU Trust scholarship program is in partnership with Raise.me; an education technology company.

QU Has Partnered with Raise.me For This Great Scholarship Opportunity

“The QU Trust scholarship program allows high school students the opportunity to earn and accrue scholarships to attend Quincy University, starting in ninth grade,” Dr. Ann Behrens, vice president for academic affairs, said. “Students can earn these micro-scholarships for a broad range of achievements each semester, such as improving their GPA, serving in their community, or taking a leadership role. Through QU Trust, each student can earn up to $40,000 in scholarships toward their four-year education at QU.”