A new book from an Emmy-winning writer and college professor captures the essence of an animal’s unflinching spirit and improbable recovery from a devastating injury. When a spinal stroke left his dog paralyzed, Travis Yates was told she would never walk again. He refused to accept the prognosis and instead searched for a miracle, immersing himself in a strange new world of handicapped “down dogs.” His new book, Nobody Told Me My Legs Don’t Work, chronicles nearly a year of arduous rehab and the emotional and financial challenges that came with caring for a handicapped pet.
The book also examines how the U.S. pet industry developed from modest bird stores to a $69 billion-dollar-a-year industry, the evolution of animal advocate groups such as The Humane Society of the United States, highlights Yates’ work with Dr. Ava Frick, a pioneer in the field of animal rehabilitation, and provides tips for caring for a handicapped pet.
“The experience pushed me to the brink of bankruptcy and tested the strength of my marriage,” Yates said. “But the journey was cathartic and serves as a testament to both the animal and human spirit. It is a story of the amazing things we can learn from our pets.”
Nobody Told Me My Legs Don’t Work (174 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback, ISBN 978-1-7324899-0-5) is published through Ingram Book Group and available in print and digital at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Smashwords, Kobo, and other book sellers. The retail cost is $9.99 for print and $3.99 for digital.
Yates is an associate professor of communication at Quincy University. He and his wife have spent two decades rescuing and re-homing animals. He is also the author of A Latchkey Kid’s Take on Modern Cinema, a collection of essays and reviews that examines the works of more than 120 directors of contemporary and classic films. For more information about Nobody Told Me My Legs Don’t Work, visit www.traviscyates.com, or contact Yates directly at yatestr@quincy.edu or 217-316-3379.
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