We honor women who have made significant contributions.

Nominations were submitted by QU alumni, faculty and staff.

Dr. Nel Mullens
Dr. Mullens is a woman who leads through her dedication and her faith. Her service to others has significantly contributed to our youth, country, faith, and, directly, to countless individuals like myself. Through her role as a Principal with the Archdiocese of Chicago, she has worked tirelessly to ensure students’ success. At the schools that she has worked at and at St. Josaphat, where she serves as a principal, she is a beacon of support and a constant example of the Christian spirit to students and faculty alike. She understands that education is more than just books; it is also a way to prepare students to face life challenges and use their God-given talents for the betterment of all so they may live happy and successful lives. In addition, her constant support of encouragement of the staff helps teachers like me reach their full potential and take pride in our work. I can’t underestimate Nel Mullens’s impact on our community here at St. Josaphat or on me as a teacher. Through her mentorship, I am ready to face challenges and have the desire to be my best self constantly. Her leadership makes the world a better place! ~Sean Eshaghy

J. Lynn Johnson
Miss Johnson influenced my love of music from before I understood how music was made. As an organist, pianist, choir director, and music teacher, she represents the best that music can be to everyone. Lynn offered grace to all and held herself to a standard that made students and singers want to perform at their best levels. Generations of Warsaw High School graduates can thank her for their appreciation of general music, for encouraging them to enjoy music as a singer or listener. For me, Lynn’s genius was apparent as I listened to her play the organ every Sunday, and continued through church cantatas, High school choir, and theater performances. I could not have asked for a better influence on my love of music. ~Katie Kraushaar

Linda Moore
Linda Moore has been a leader and groundbreaker probably since she was born, but since graduating from Quincy University she has had one win after another, one accomplishment after another and one glass ceiling break after another! She was a Quincy University winning athlete, continued her career in the field of sports as the Associate Commissioner for the St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, then later as the Assistant Athletic Director at St. Louis University, and managed or consulted on a number of professional sport and Olympic projects including the St. Louis Steamers, US Cycling Federation, St. Louis Sports Commission, and the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. In October 1996, Linda joined ESPN Productions Inc. and the X Games franchise where she oversaw participant services, competition management, served as Sr. Director, Business Operations & Planning and led the financial, legal, business, and hospitality aspects of the franchise until her retirement in January 2016. She doesn’t stop there: she had led a number of philanthropic efforts from raising $1 million for The V Foundation for Cancer Research through the ESPY Celebrity Golf Classic, chaired the fundraising committee to build Legends Stadium at QU, served three terms on the Board of Trustees of QU, served on the executive board of Friends of the Castle overseeing the Villa Kathrine and the Tourist Information Center in Quincy, and is a past member of the United States Sports Academy Board of Trustees. She is also currently serving her second term on the Western Catholic Union Board of Trustees. Academically she continued to excel! She graduated from the Betsy Magness Leadership Program, the most prestigious leadership development program in the cable industry, the Women’s Campaign School at Yale Law School, earned a Master’s Degree in Sport Management from the United States Sports Academy and then a Doctor of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix. Added to these academic achievements is a mile long list of memberships and certifications: Linda is a member of Government Finance Officer Association (GFOA), Illinois Government Finance Officer Association (IGFOA), Association of Public Treasurers (AOT US & C), and Illinois Municipal Treasurers Association (IMTA), and is a Certified Illinois Municipal Treasurer, Certified Public Funds Investment Manager, and a Certified Public Finance Administrator. Currently Linda serves as the city treasurer for the city of Quincy, Illinois. Retirement does not seem to be in her vocabulary. Wherever she is, Linda has always made tremendous differences: moving up in her field of work, giving back to QU, raising money to help others and serving her community as city treasurer. Linda definitely hit the ground running after graduating from QU making tremendous accomplishments to the sports’ world, and her community, and serving as a role model for both men and women. Her life has been one of servant leadership at every step along the way. ~Teresa Morris Kettelkamp

Dr. Barbara Schleppenbach
Dr. Schleppenbach has always been and continues to be one of the finest professors at Quincy University. Her examples of professionalism and leadership represent the mission statement of Quincy University at the highest level. Perhaps Barb’s greatest contribution is in her role as classroom teacher. Her ability and capacity to work with students one-on-one or in groups was simply the best I ever observed in my 25 years as a faculty member. I wish her many more years of recognition for her many contributions and heartfelt devotion to the entire Quincy University community. ~Steve R. Parke

Joanne Mary Schrader
In 2001, Joanne was selected as the JP WRIGHT Director of Year for establishing and directing a Missouri Court Appointed Special Advocate program, (CASA). She also volunteered as a CASA mentor. She sponsored a child in India until he aged out of the program. Currently she sponsors a child in Bolivia. Her employment has always been directed towards helping others. She is a seasoned pro-life activist and longtime “40 Days for Life” participant. Joanne is actively involved in Catholic Church fundraisers and other activities. She is a good emotional support for family and friends. Joanne was instrumental in her husband becoming Catholic, her older son becoming a priest and her younger son becoming a wonderful father of our four grandchildren. Her husband has numerous medical problems and has had to be rushed to the ER numerous times. He is still alive thanks to Joanne’s quick action. ~Larry Ray Hoard

JoAnne Wagner 1979
Jo is very dedicated to the ideals of service and the meaning of integrity with her faith guiding everything she does. After graduating from Quincy College in 1979 with highest honors, she attended & received her law degree from St Louis University also with high honors. After a few years practicing in a law firm, she heeded a calling to enter the foreign service. Jo is a career member of the US Department of State’s Senior Foreign Service, rank of Minister-Counselor (two star general). She is a Distinguished Graduate of the National War College of National Defense University. She has worked tirelessly in very dangerous countries, traveling with US military caravans in full protection gear trying to bridge peace between the countries citizens & the military. In her first posts in London & Poland, she advised East European nations on reforms to join NATO. She worked with the NSC to ban the fertilizer used in IED’s & led the Embassy team in Bujumbura, Burundi, with the Ambassador, through rebel rocket attacks on the capital. She was a Minister-Counselor for Political Affairs to the European Union, Deputy Director at the Office of Pakistan Affairs & the Deputy Counselor for Political-Military Affairs at the embassy in Kabul. Jo was an Assistant Coordinator in Kyiv, Ukraine responsible for coordinating $1 billion in US support with Ukraine’s government & other donors. She has served as Consul General in Karachi, Pakistan resulting in increased US-Pakistan trade & improved people-to-people relations. She served as Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh working to protect it’s citizens, as well as 700+ Embassy staff from Covid. In her final position, while considered to be “retired”, Jo served as Senior US Coordinator, Operation Allies Rescue – Doha, directing activities bringing US citizens, Afghan refugees, and other allies from Afghanistan to new lives in the U.S. She has received numerous Meritorious & Superior Honor Awards and most recently a meritorious Presidential Rank Award, a White House Honor. She was a board member on the Special Olympics Summer Games; she is a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, Broadway musicals, is a community theater performer and an amateur composer. Her first piece, a Christmas carol, debuted at Brussels’ Palais des Beaux Arts with a 100-voice choir and full symphony orchestra. There is probably so much more that I am missing but Jo is an incredibly smart, strong woman who has devoted her life in service to her country, her faith and humanitarian causes. ~Maureen Radice class of 79

Dr. Barb Schleppenbach
Barb has devoted her career to education and QC/QU. She is a community treasure and has been a splendid mentor to many young people including her own two children. ~Beth Young

Kathleen (Katie) Kettelkamp Brown
Ever since Katie graduated from Quincy University, she has dedicated her life to help the vulnerable. Upon graduating from QU, Katie worked as a Child Care Counselor for Kemmerer Village in Assumption, Illinois. Kemmerer Village provides community-based services for children and adolescents, ages 0 – 21 years, who, for a variety of reasons, need an alternative home environment with the added support of professional case work and services. She now works as a Child Welfare Specialist for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and works with families in trauma, child who have been traumatized, fractured families, and families with all sorts of heartbreaking stories. Katie works long hours, working on weekends too visiting families, children placed in foster care checking on their welfare, and securing services needed to help families in their struggles. DCFS has a tremendous case load and there is a critical need for their services and oftentimes is portrayed negatively in the press, but I see Katie’s dedication, care for the families, love for the children, long work hours, going to court, doing paperwork on the weekend or conducting family visits and I just know God has placed her where she is to help others. We as Catholics believe that everyone is made in the image and likeness of God, and Katie puts her faith into action in helping those less fortunate, who struggle with addictions, who struggle to care for their children and just basically struggle with life. Katie is a great example for all of us in helping others. She has made and continues to make a difference in the lives of others, keeping children safe and giving people hope. May we all learn by her example. ~Teresa Kettelkamp

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson
First black woman on the Supreme Court. ~Jayme Peacock

Ruth Gabel
Mrs. Gabel taught the mathematics classes at Warsaw High School (aka West Hancock). I was her student in Algebra II and Geometry, and was lucky enough to be coached by her for Scholastic Bowl. She was well-organized and consistent in her classroom – probably one of the toughest teachers I had. Mrs. Gabel encouraged students who were willing to learn, and set expectations that made us better students. Scholastic Bowl students got to see another side of her – funny, clever, and very proud of our accomplishments. Learning from her through observation and in the classroom is a high-water mark in my quest for knowledge. ~Katie Kraushaar

Barb Schleppenbach
She is always positive, even when frustrated. She can also take a writing draft and turn it into a piece of word art. ~Vicky Eidson

Professor Mary Ann Klein
Professor Klein joined the English Department Faculty during my undergraduate years in the early 1970s and had an immediate and profound impact on my QU education. Brilliant and challenging, she inspired critical thinking, thoughtful writing and the love of literature and ideas directly in me that I have carried for 50+ years now. More pointedly, she has influenced many generations of QU students to push themselves intellectually above and beyond in her 50+ years on the faculty. Her teaching excellence coupled with her decency, empathy and so many other exceptional qualities of her character have inspired me and so many of her students to support financially the Dr. Mary Ann Klein Scholarship at QU for English majors. Few have given more deeply over so many years to QU. I am who I am in large measure because of Professor Klein, and there are so many others like me. We cannot thank her enough. ~Michael Sennett

Christina Priebe
Christina has made me feel welcome at QU from my very first day. She would check in on me to make sure I was doing ok or if I needed something, even when it wasn’t her responsibility to do so. When she became my supervisor after I had been at QU four months, I couldn’t have been happier. She truly cares about her coworkers both in a professional and in a personal capacity. The level of care and dedication for her students never ceases to amaze me. I continuously see students come in to talk through things with her dealing with their education or with life in general. Christina is kind, but real. She makes time and lets them (all of us actually) know they are seen, heard, and respected. She is a great leader and will step up to get things done or take more onto her plate to ensure that things keep moving forward as smoothly as possible. She truly cares about the mission of the university and about growing strong educators for the generations to come. I have seen Christina interact with difficult teens that were attending a camp and was in awe of how she maneuvered through the situations. Instead of treating the teen in trouble as if they were a bad kid or a troublemaker, she talked to them on their level and had them help her with a task that made them feel important until they were once again calm and the situation had been dealt with. I truly cannot say enough good things about Christina as a colleague, supervisor, educator, mentor, and person of character. QU is lucky to have her! ~Shari Mulch

Dr. Janise T. Denton
Dr. Janise Denton has devoted her career to helping those in need of medical care, especially the under-served and poor. She began her career operating clinics in medically under-served rural areas of Missouri and Illinois, while also teaching medical students at one of the clinics as an Assistant Professor on her Medical School faculty. Later, she took care of patients at the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy and was the first full-time physician serving at the US Veterans Administration Clinic in Quincy. After serving patients of all ages in southern Colorado, she completed her career serving Hospice patients in Colorado and then Quincy, helping them through the last days of their lives with love, compassion and respect. Even in retirement she continues to show love, serving on the Blessing Hospital committee planning their response to COVID 19, and volunteering to help senior citizens suffering with medical and emotional problems. Throughout her career and beyond, she has made significant contributions in the lives of many and made the world a better place. ~Paul Brown

Kimberly Kull
My friend Jeff Liautaud and I graduated from QU in 1966. We have worked together on many projects, focused on building a sense of community; something we learned from our years at Quincy. Jeff met Kimberly Kull and told me about her. We are amazed at the sense of community work she is doing. She is an inspiration. Kimberly graduated from QU with two Bachelor degrees; in Biological Sciences and Philosophy with a focus on biomedical ethics. She also received a BS from SIU in fire science management. She completed an Executive Master’s program in Emergency and Disaster Management in 2019 at Georgetown University. She clearly is a professional dedicated to making a difference for others. Dr.Fauci, watch out. ~Dr. Dennis Galligani

Kimberly Kull class of 1997
Kim is the highest-ranking female fire official in Evanston. She’s responsible for emergency management and logistics within the department, ensuring collaboration and inter-agency coordination to assist in the City’s emergency management efforts.  Evanston Roundtable article about Kim, Evanston emergency management plan  ~Jeffrey Liautaud class of 1966

Megan Rapinoe & Sue Bird
Lesbian power couple who have not only made record-setting contributions to women’s soccer and basketball on the national and international stage, but who have also come to represent a shining, positive example of queer love. #Lovewins ~Jayme Peacock

Mrs. Pam Potter
Pam Potter has been an excellent example of a community-minded Christian and lives her faith every day. She grew up in Quincy and has always valued her family first. She was involved in music at St. Mary’s Catholic Church and Notre Dame High School. Her college years at Quincy College influenced her greatly as she was able to advance her education and musicianship. Pam taught instrumental music in several schools. It was a wonderful opportunity when she returned to Quincy after a great tenure at Pleasant Plains to take on the Quincy Notre Dame music program. She built the program and many musicians studied under her tutelage. In the meantime, Pam conducted the Quincy Park Band, making it a huge success that the community valued for Sunday entertainment. Pam has been involved in Quincy music opportunities like the Mississippi River Brass Band, Quincy Community Theater pit orchestra, Quincy Symphony, Quincy Concert Band, and the Salvation Army Brass Band. Not only has she been leader for music in the community, but Pam has been involved on the national level of wind band music. Pam was the President of the National Catholic Bandmasters organization . She led the Mississippi River Brass Band to national competition as well as conducted the Quincy Park Band in Washington, D.C. Mrs. Pam Potter has made significant contributions to this community to advance the joy of music.~ Jean Murray

Cindy Murry
Cindy has worked in campus dining at Quincy College/Quincy University since 1974. The impact and contributions she’s made, and the lives she’s touched over that time, can’t be counted. ~Joe Bordewick

Mary Ann Klein
Dr. Klein has been President of the League of Women Voters of Adams County for several years. She served on the Board in many positions. She has been President of the Quincy Civic Music Association for several years and, again, has served on its Board in many positions. I joined POLIS this year and have been enjoying the classes. I know she is currently the President of that organization and have been told that she is the driving force behind it. Since she was a Professor at Quincy University, you may find several students and professors at the University who have been influenced by her. I know she is active in her parish at St. Peters. ~Laura Matson

Leonora Suppan-Gehrich
Leonora was a superb musician who freely shared her talent with the community, our QU community and her many students. She gave an excellent example to others in the school and the community. Her performances throughout Europe and the United States were warmly received. Although she received kudos for these performances, she remained humble and continued to learn. She dedicated her life to her family and her teaching even as she fought cancer, never giving up. ~Fr Dennis Schafer OFM

Kelly Pfab
Kelly brought 25 years of foodservice experience with her to Quincy University, where she has served for nearly 8 years as Asst. Director of Dining Services. Kelly fills the role of Executive Chef and Kitchen/Production Manager, among others. She plans great menus, sources great ingredients, and keeps our campus well fed. I’ve never met someone who works harder than Kelly, and she deserves the lion’s share of credit for the great dining program at QU. ~Joe Bordewick

Dr. Christine Tracy
My observations of Dr. Tracy come from two different perspectives. First, as a subordinate, I find that Dr. Tracy is not only supportive personally, and professionally- she never hesitates to get into the trenches with you and help out. She is willing to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with her team and dig in when she needs to. She will never ask you to do something that she isn’t willing to do or hasn’t already done. She is a servant leader who leads by example. Second is the perspective that Dr. Tracy is and remains a staunch student advocate. She champions the disadvantaged and makes level the playing field as best she can. Students are fortunate to have such a strong force representing their interests in a cabinet-level position. Dr. Tracy makes a positive difference in students’ lives that will be felt for generations to come. ~Sam Lathrop

Linda Moore
A pioneer for women in the workforce. She is a big supporter of the QU WBB team. She is invested in the Quincy community. ~Kaci Bailey