Quincy University hosted its annual End-of-the-Year Reception for faculty and staff on May 6th for the 2015-2016 academic year. The following annual awards were presented at the event.

Franciscan Service Awards:
Staff:  Dan Kemner
Administrator:  Matt Bergman ’99
Faculty: Andy Dow ’10

Franciscan Hospitality Award:
Employee:  Ray Heilmann

Excellence in Teaching Award:
Faculty:  Dr. Neil Wright

The following employees were recognized for their years of service to QU.

5 Years:
Dr. Matthew Bates
Josh Rabe ’08
Teresa Reed
Danielle Surprenant
Nita Campbell ’10
Stacey Hert
Brittany Ellerman ’11

10 Years:
Mike Davis ’96
Ken Wilkerson
Travis Yates ’09
Hadley Foster
David Musso ’04
Harry Cramer ’74
Karl Warma
Dr. Lee Enger
Dr. Kimberly Hale
Monica Steffen
Tammy Duesterhaus
Becky Graff

15 Years:
Kristen Liesen ’98

25 Years:
Dr. Brian Borlas

30 Years:
Laurie Allen
Dr. Wendy Beller