Enrollment Status Verification

Enrollment verifications serve as proof of your status as a student. You may need to officially certify enrollment for student loan deferment, insurance discounts, or requests related to scholarships or visas.  Enrollment status is defined by the number of credit hours a student is pursuing during the term in which the verification is requested.  Quincy University defines enrollment status based on the key below:

Enrollment Status



F= Full Time

12 or more credit hours

9 or more credit hours

Q = Three-quarter time

9-11 credit hours

6-8 credit hours

H = Half-time or more

6-8 credit hours

5 credit hours

L = Less than half-time

1-5 credit hours

1-4 credit hours


Note:  Enrollment status differs from the full-time/part-time schedules for registration, tuition, and fees.