North Campus History


North Campus History

The Quincy University North Campus facility was originally built in 1963 as the Our Lady of the Angels Franciscan Seminary. The Seminary and the adjacent 26 acres of land were sold to Quincy University for one dollar in 1984. In the fall of 1984, classes began in the new branch of Quincy University known today as "North Campus". North Campus is currently the home of the natural science, psychology and music programs.

North Campus consists of four interconnected buildings. The circle drive entrance off 18th Street leads directly into A-Building which houses laboratories and classrooms. At the present time, music facilities are located in the lower level of A-Building. As seen on the enclosed map, A-Building connects to both B and D-Buildings and the circle is completed with C-Building which houses the Chapel.

Quincy University has already begun investing in North Campus including a $135,000 investment in the North Campus Fiber Network and $388,795 in North Campus facility improvements in the past two years including air conditioning upgrades, new lecture hall seating and roof replacements. A renewed commitment to preserving and utilizing North Campus resulted in the first ever $1 Million gift from a living donor in 2012 for the creation of the Connie Niemann Center for Music. This investment funded the renovation of the North Campus Chapel (C-Building) into a multipurpose music performance center for concerts, exhibits, receptions, worship and community gatherings.

The creation of the Connie Niemann Center for Music performance hall was the first step on the timeline for the North Campus Revitalization Project and has paved the way for the relocation of the entire music department including music studios, offices and classrooms currently located in the lower level of A-Building. When the music department vacates A-Building, it will allow for a planned A-Building science renovation and expansion to take place.