Student Programing Board

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The Student Programing Board (SPB) is the main programing organization on campus. SPB is an organization run by students for students and provides campus-wide programs like comedians, bands, movies, hypnotists and speakers of current topics and issues facing college students. SPB provides students with many opportunities for involvement, ranging from being an active participant and member of SPB, to just attending one of the many programs offered.

As a member of SPB, students can be directly involved in the planning and promotion of any number and type of event. Stop in Student Affairs and share your new ideas with us.

When considering entertainment, look for these main pieces from SPB:

Friday Night Live - We usually host comedians, jugglers, hypnotists, and bands at these events. These performances are held in the Main Dining Room.

Special Events -  Homecoming, Parents/Family Weekends and other special event days throughout the school year, which do not fit in with our Friday Night Live series. For instance, pumpkin decorating and an Easter egg hunt.