Civil Rights Trip

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2013 - Alabama (Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma)
January 3-6, 2013

Quincy University's Office of Multicultural and Leadership Programs is sponsored its second annual Civil Rights Trip to the deep South. Fifteen QU students visited the cities of Selma, Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama. The trip provided students an opportunity to experience how the Civil Rights Movement took root and grew in the South. We met up with Mrs. Joanne Bland again, who gave a guided tour of Selma and showed students where the movement first began. Bland was one of the youngest participants on Bloody Sunday, the March 7, 1965 event that saw 600 civil rights demonstrators attacked by state and local police as they attempted to march to Montgomery in support of voting rights.

Other highlights of the trip included visits to the Lowndes Interpretive Center, the Rosa Parks Museum, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. The students indulged in some amazing southern cuisine and took in the unique culture of the South.

Trip Testimonials:
"I fell people should attend the [Civil Rights] trip to get hands-on experience with stuff that is relevant and stuff that is very important to know about history."
-Adrienne Plattner, Nursing, Junior

"From this experience I will walk away with the thought that I'm ordinary, just like they [Civil Rights leaders/participants] were, and so is everybody else in this world; and we have the power to make a change."
-Arlette DeHaza, Aviation, Sophomore

"My greatest accomplishment of the trip was walking over the Edmund Pettus Bridge.  Even though I was not there during that time; it makes me feel part of it."
-Jeanine Riley, Undecided ,Sophomore

"From this trip, I learned that it [the Civil Rights Movement] is not just about African Americans, but discrimination against any type of diversity and that opened my mind."
-Autumn Jackson, Nursing, Junior

"I didn't think we were going to be listening to these stories from a first-hand experience.  It felt so real" like we were actually there.  I thought we were just going to be watching all movies and videos and just learning from that, but that was not the case at all."
-Yarmill Williams, Human Services, Junior

2012 - Alabama (Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma)
January 11-15, 2012

The Office of Multicultural and Leadership Programs took nine QU students and four QU staff to Alabama (Selma, Montgomery and Birmingham) for the first ever Civil Rights Trip. The trip allowed students to interact first-hand with those who played a role in the Civil Rights movement and listened to their stories while exploring sites that brought to life the events of the past.

Students visited with Civil Rights Leaders Ms. Joanne Bland (Selma), Mr. Jake Williams (Montgomery) and Ms. Carolyn McKinstry (Birmingham).  

Sites toured were the:
•    Selma Interpretive Center and city guided tour (Selma, AL)
•    Rosa Parks Museum (Montgomery, AL)
•    Southern Poverty Law Center (Montgomery, AL)
•    Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church and Parsonage Museum (Montgomery, AL)
•    Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site (Tuskegee, AL)
•    16th Street Baptist Church (Birmingham, AL)
•    Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (Birmingham, AL)


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