Office of Multicultural and Leadership Programs

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Welcome to the Office of Multicultural and Leadership Programs! Like our QU vision, this office seeks to promote the value of inclusion, diversity and leadership amongst the QU campus and community. As we begin to develop active and global citizens, the Office of Multicultural and Leadership Programs promotes critical thinking as well as an awareness and respect of cultural diversity through many of our advocacy and awareness programs.  The office also encourages students to pursue co-curricular involvement which can come in the form of club/organization involvement, joining Fraternity and Sorority Life or through volunteerism.  

This office fosters an environment that respects all people regardless of background (race/ethnicity, religion, gender, orientation, ability, status/class, age, etc.).  

Vision & Goals

Discover. Engage. Shape. Transform
Discover who you are, how you want be connected and involved with the QU campus as well as be open to heightening your understanding of diversity and social responsibility.  Engage yourself in programs, events and/or organizations that open up the door for this exploration.

Become open to how this new experience will shape your time here at QU. Take advantage of your co-curricular involvement and transform these opportunities so that they are even better for those who will follow.


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