Goal One

Strengthen Teaching and Learning in the Catholic Franciscan Tradition

info_goal1Education in the Franciscan tradition provides a solid foundation that allows Quincy University students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to succeed and thrive in life. QU aspires to continually weave Franciscan values into the life of the University through new and innovative service learning ventures, Franciscan leadership programs, and community outreach projects. Incorporating Franciscan values in teaching and learning, both inside and outside of the classroom, prepares students to leave QU with a well-rounded, real-world educational experience that allows for future success in both their professional and their personal lives.


  • Make community building, service learning, and spiritual development central to the educational experience at Quincy University
  • Develop programs to infuse Franciscan leadership throughout Quincy University
  • Visibly incorporate the Franciscan values of hospitality, respect for all, reconciliation, service to others, justice, peace, and the integrity of creation in the programs, services, and process of Quincy University

Implementation Examples

  • Expand local Campus Ministry outreach, building on the successful 50-State program
  • Develop mentoring program for new employees
  • Create honors course on Franciscan servant leadership
  • Revitalize the Assisi Pilgrimage Experience
  • Designate and celebrate common community gatherings and celebrations