Goal Five

Promote Financial Stability with Effective and Efficient Business Practices

info_goal5Successful implementation of these goals depends largely on responsible financial management and sound business practices. Quincy University must continually operate in a manner that ensures its business operations support and guarantee the success of the Strategic Plan and its mission. Through constant evaluation and improvement, QU aims to create a financial model of efficiency and sustainability while offering competitive salary packages and affordable tuition.


  • Reduce reliance on tuition discounting and athletic scholarships
  • Ensure realistic planning for balanced and surplus budgets
  • Provide more competitive employee salaries
  • Hold budget managers accountable for achieving financial goals

Implementation Examples

  • Target endowed giving to specific scholarships
  • Evaluate and assess new revenue streams
  • Redevelop employee performance planning and review procedures
  • Assess how salaries are determined for new employees
  • Review net revenue for possible salary increases as of each December 1
  • Increase accessibility to and accountability for financial accounts by budget officers