POLIS Releases Spring Semester Schedule

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The Pursuit of Learning in Society (POLIS), a Quincy University sponsored organization that allows active adults over 55 years of age to continue a lifetime of learning while relaxing in a comfortable academic setting, will host its first class of spring semester on Thursday, January 31st. Quincy University professor of psychology Dr. Wendy Beller will present “Basic Statistical Concepts.”

Over a twenty courses and tours are on the agenda for the spring POLIS semester including:

  • Statistics, Dr. Wendy Beller, January 31
  • Byzantine Empire,  Dr. Patrick Hotle, February 4 & 6
  • Jazz an American Invention,  Steve Park, February 7
  • History of Dentistry, Past, Present, and Possible Future, Richard Gregory, DDS, MBA, February 13
  • Confessions of Two Philosophical Football Fans, Dr./Rev. Rob Manning and Dr. Joe Massina, February 14
  • Historical Quincy Churches: Salem Evangelic Church, Reverend Kenneth Kramer (assisted by Robert Bedell, Annette Newquist and Kay Whitfield,  February 18
  • Fictions of the World, Dr. Mary Ann Klein, February 20
  • Tales from a Tiny Wasp,  Dr. Joe Coelho, February 25
  • Money and the Economy, Art Greenbank, President/CEO of First Banker Trust Company, February 25
  • Cartoons,  Bill Beard, February 28
  • Guitar for Dummies, Rodney Hart, March 11
  • What is Private Property?, Dr. Neil Wright, , March 13, 20 & 27
  • Solar System,  Jerry Collins, March 14
  • Shakespeare’s Richard II, Dr. Joe Messina, March 25 & 28
  • Spies???, Dr. Brian Borlas,  April 1
  • The Battle of Midway, Dr. Wendell Mauter, April 3
  • Religious Myths Today, Dr. Leonard Biallas, April 4
  • Current Concepts of the Human Body in Health and Disease, Dr. John Natalini, April 17
  • Woodland Cemetery Tour, Rodney Hart, April 29
  • Africa: Past, Present & Future, Keith Dunford, April 22
  • Lincoln in Springfield-Bus Tour, Dr. David Costigan, April 23 (addition fees apply)
  • Horse Racing, Dr. Leonard Biallas, May 2
  • Annual Polis Meeting & Party, no fee, May 9

POLIS members are introduced to new subjects and ideas without the strain of outside study, paper writing, or test taking, while engaging in stimulating lectures and conversations with knowledgeable experts. Courses are designed to open minds and stimulate thinking about variety of subjects and are taught by University professors, field experts, religious leaders, physicians and more.

Registration for classes will be held on Wednesday, January 22nd, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the POLIS office in room D122 located at the North Campus. Detailed descriptions of courses, membership information and enrollment forms can be found online at www.quincy.edu/academics/polis. For more information about the program please call (217) 228-5494, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Membership for one semester is $30.  Each session of a class costs only $3.  You can attend one class or all of them.  Anyone who is of the right age can even come and audit one class for no charge.  

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