Faculty and Staff Honored During 2013 End of Year Reception

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From Left: Sam Lathrop, Jennifer Truitt, Fr. Ferd Cheri, Connie Phillips, Fr. John Doctor, Natasha Ramsey, Dr. Robert Gervasi, Sharon Sample

Members of Quincy University's faculty and staff were honored on Friday, May 3, 2013, during an end-of-the-year reception held in the Hall of Fame Room. The program acknowledged contributions of faculty and staff from Quincy University for the 2012-13 academic year as well as promotions and retirements. Awards were presented by Robert A. Gervasi, Ph.D., President of Quincy University.

Recognized for achievements during the 2012-13 academic year were:

Franciscan Service Awards
Jennifer Truitt, Accountant
Connie Phillips, Lecturer in Theatre
Natasha Ramsey, Director of Multicultural Leadership
Sharon Sample, Assistant Librarian

Franciscan Hospitality Award
Sam Lathrop, Director of University Security

Excellence in Teaching Award
Wayne Glenn, Instructor of Marketing

5 Years of Service
Jennifer Campbell, Technical Assistant, Teaching with Primary Sources
Toby Charron, Security Officer
Jane Cleaves, Transfer Counselor
Molly Dunn-Steinke, Director of Counseling Center
Margaret Kagel, Administrative Assistant, Academic Support Services
Elysia Mahoney, Instructor of Sport Management
Sharon Sample, Assistant Librarian
Daniel Strudwick, Assistant Professor of Theology
Barb Wellman, Registrar
Lance Whitaker, Admissions Counselor
Ping Ye, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Debbie Kramer, National Management

10 Years of Service
Marty Bell, Athletics Director/Men’s Basketball Head Coach
Dominic O’Donnell, Admissions Counselor
Jennifer Truitt, Accountant

15 Years of Service
Cynthia Haliemun, Associate Professor of Economics
Diane Kemner, Payroll
Joyce Emerick, Chartwells
Dan Kemner, National Management

20 Years of Service
Mitch Ellison, Professor of Accounting

35 Years of Service
Frieda Brown, Database Specialist

45 Years of Service
Bob Mejer, Distinguished Professor of Art
Judy Sheets, National Management

Founded in 1860 by Franciscan friars, Quincy University (www.quincy.edu) is a Catholic, co-educational, residential university offering undergraduate, graduate, and adult education programs that integrate liberal arts, active learning, practical experience, and Franciscan values.