Name Position Phone
Cynthia Haliemun, PhD Associate Professor of Economics; Dean and Director of MBA Program 217-228-5432 x3067
Vicky Eidson, D.Mgt. Associate Professor of Accounting 217-228-5432 x3061
Mitchell Ellison, PhD Professor of Accounting 217-228-5432 x3062
Wayne Glenn, M.B.A. Instructor of Marketing 217-228-5432 x3165
Cynthia Neisen Office Assistant, School of Business 217-228-5432 x3070
Hon. Mark A. Schuering J.D. Adjunct Faculty 217-257-6662
Jennifer Breeden, M.B.A. Visiting Assistant Professor of Business 217-228-5432 x3065
Richard O'Hara Adjunct Faculty 217-228-5432 x3068
Alan Steigelman, M.B.A. Visiting Assistant Professor of Business 217-228-5432 x3072
Anthony Cameron Adjunct Faculty 217-228-5432 x3068
Jonathan Hoover, J.D. Lecturer in Business and Humanities 217-228-5432 x3068
James Link Adjunct Faculty 217-228-5432 x3071
Linda Moore Adjunct Faculty 217-228-5432 x3063
Mark Tyrpin Adjunct Faculty 217-228-5432 x3063