Name Position Phone
Karl Warma, M.F.A. Associate Professor of Art; Chair, Division of Fine Arts & Communication 217-228-5432 x3153
Nora Baldner Schnack, M.A. Assistant Professor of Communication 217-228-5432 x3156
Christine Adams-Tracy, M.Ed. Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication 217-228-5432 x3105
Christine Damm, D.M.A. Instructor of Music 217-228-5432 x3159
Leonora Suppan-Gehrich Artist in Residence- Music 217-228-5432x3164
William Machold, M.M. Assistant Professor of Music; Director of Bands 217-228-5432 x3163
Robert Mejer, M.F.A. Distinguished Professor of Art; Curator, Gray Gallery 217-228-5432 x3150
Barbara Schleppenbach, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Communication 217-228-5432 x3155
Julie Schuetz J.D. Lecturer in Communication 217-228-5432 x3035
Amy Stollberg, M.A. Instructor of Vocal Music, Coordinator of Music Program and Data Management 217-228-5432 x3160
Travis Yates, M.S. Ed. Assistant Professor of Communication 217-228-5432 x3167
Gary Russell, D.Min. Lecturer in Communication 217-228-5432 x3041
Pamela Smith, M.Ed. Lecturer in Communication 217-228-5432 x3107
Brittany Vermeire, M.B.A. Lecturer in Communication