Christopher Kelley

Christopher Kelley '00
kelleyChristopher Kelley began his professional career behind the scenes of the multimedia field as a college freshman in 1996 as a part-time employee of WGEM-TV in Quincy.  Kelley received a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Electronic Media (English minor) from Quincy University in 2000 when he joined WGEM full-time.

In 1998, regular brainstorming sessions between Kelley and friends at a local diner marked the earliest stages of what ultimately became known as Table Sixteen Productions.  Concocting storyline concepts over coffee, the group brought their ideas to life through a series of “Table Sixteen Production” short films in the years to follow.

With his departure from WGEM in 2005, Kelley took Table Sixteen into, as he describes it, “the big time”.  With nationwide clients, Table Sixteen developed into a video production company specializing in filmmaking, television commercials, and corporate videos.  Table Sixteen’s first feature film, Hampshire: A Ghost Story, took home two awards on the film festival circuit.  Managed by Kelley and his wife Victoria (Wiseman) ’98, Table Sixteen is currently gearing up for their second feature film.

(Originally published in August 2010 QUniverse)