Brittany Galvin

Brittany Galvin ‘09
galvinIn college, Brittany Galvin spent one of her winter breaks volunteering in Haiti through a Quincy University outreach program.  Determined to do more to help the poverty-stricken country, the biological sciences major decided to relocate to Haiti for a longer term and help out on a grander scale upon her 2009 graduation.

As part of a two year stay, Galvin was one of six long term Quest Haiti Volunteers working with the D.C.-based Religious of Jesus and Mary Sisters.  Initial responsibilities included translating for medical teams, organizing a summer camp, and providing food to the hungry.

Following the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January of 2010, Galvin was recruited into the disaster relief efforts where she volunteered at a hospital in Port-Au-Prince—just a few miles from the earthquake’s epicenter.  Here, she assisted with basic surgeries, dressing changes, and wherever else her support was needed.  During the headline cholera outbreak that followed, the hospital became swamped and support was minimal.  At one point, Galvin was assisting in the treatment of more than sixty patients per day.

Healthy and in great spirits, Galvin returns to the United States later this year at which point she will begin a direct entry nurse practitioner program at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professionals.

(Originally published in August 2011 QUniverse)