Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas '95
thomasEric Thomas ‘95 began his professional career just a week after graduation as an accountant with Adams Telephone.  In 1997 (while still with Adams Telephone), Thomas created ETC Computer Solutions; an independently-ran company specializing in website creation and computer repair.

After leaving Adams Telephone in 2000, Thomas turned his part-time venture into a full-time job.  In 2003 he partnered with his wife, Kathryn (Wheeler ’93) and began an expansion that would ultimately include a new location and a staff of more than thirty.  In 2007, ETC bought out longstanding computer retailer ComputerLand of Quincy and ETC ComputerLand was born.

Today, ETC Computerland is one of the leading providers in the area.  Services have expanded to include custom database management and programming, server setup and management, business networking, and a host of other products and services.  With such integrated technologies, ETC Computerland presents itself with outstanding growth potential for the future.

A respected brand in the Quincy community, ETC Computerland is frequent partner with Quincy’s internship program and makes regular contributions to the betterment of the university.

(Originally published in August 2010 QUniverse)