Michael Wittmer

Michael Wittmer ‘72
mikewittmerAs an undergraduate pursuing a fine arts degree, Michael Wittmer felt commercial artists had “gone over to the dark side”.  It wasn’t until after graduation while working as a freelance artist that Michael realized the practical values of the graphic design industry—a field in which he’s spent the last 36 years.  “But yes”, he jokes, “I was right about ‘the dark side’”.
Michael moved to Colorado in 1972, and four years later, founded MDW Graphics which he still owns and operates to this day.  The commercial art industry at the time was “a lot of cut and paste”, as Michael describes it.  Upon purchasing his first computer in 1988, MDW Graphics progressed into electronic publishing and graphic design.  With the new technology available, Michael’s business expanded into producing advertisements, posters, silk screen processes, decals, typesetting, and book graphics.

The insurgence of the 1990’s “dot com” era transformed MDW Graphics once again.  Web design and search engine optimization became a key focus of MDW.  “I’m still doing print work” Wittmer says, “but most of what I do these days is on the web.”

In their free time, Michael and his wife of 27 years enjoy hiking, skiing, and traveling.  They have two children: a recently-graduated son who works as a secondary education teacher and a daughter who is a junior at Colorado State University.

(Originally published in March 2012 QUniverse)