Diane Scott Brockington

Diane Scott Brockington '70
brockingtonDiane (Scott) Brockington ’70 has always been willing to help out a friend in need.  Naturally, when her close friend, former Green Bay Packers runningback John Brockington, needed a kidney transplant she relentlessly urged doctors to test her to see if she was a match.  Miraculously, Diane’s kidneys were large for a woman of her petite stature and subsequently a perfect fit for the former football star.   The November 23, 2001 transplant was a success and their friendship only grew stronger.  Nearly two years after the surgery, Diane and John were married.  Currently residing in San Diego, Diane and John are both in perfect health and more than ever committed to giving others a second chance at life.

Inspired by John’s second chance, Diane and John established “The John Brockington Foundation”.  Their mission is to narrow the gap between available organs and those who need them through educational programs that promote the awareness of kidney disease and organ donation.  Together, Diane and John pushed for easier and more accessible registration for people who choose to be organ donors.  Through online registration (www.donatelife.net) and an increase in organ donation awareness, the national percentage of donors is slowly increasing.  There are currently 105,000 people in the country in need of organs and, as Diane points out, if every American signed up today, the list would be gone in just four and a half years.

(Originally published in February 2010 QUniverse)