Diane Scott Brockington

Diane Scott Brockington '70
brockingtonDiane (Scott) Brockington ’70 has always been willing to help out a friend in need.  Naturally, when her close friend, former Green Bay Packers runningback John Brockington, needed a kidney transplant she relentlessly urged doctors to test her to see if she was a match.  Miraculously, Diane’s kidneys were large for a woman of her petite stature and subsequently a perfect fit for the former football star.

Donald Hanratty

Donald Hanratty '70
hanrattyIn 1985, Donald Hanratty started Optimance; a company that offers executive development and career management programs through Career Control Group services.  With a mission of saving companies time and money, Optimance strives to strategically encourage and assist clients in meeting and surpassing goals.

Sam Banks

Sam Banks '76
banksDuring his years at Quincy, Sam Banks ’76 began a life of service to others by volunteering in what ultimately became the Big Brother Big Sister program. Learning that he could make a difference in the life of a young person in need, Sam earned a masters degree in social work from the University of Illinois at Chicago and spent the better part of thirty years working with hundreds of abused, neglected and dependent children from throughout Illinois.

Joanne Langan

Joanne Langan, Ph.D. ‘75
langanJoanne Langan began her professional career as a third grade teacher upon her graduation from Quincy College in 1975.  Later that year, she married a graduate of the United States Naval Academy with whom she embarked on a twenty-five-year journey across the continental United States.

Michael Wittmer

Michael Wittmer ‘72
mikewittmerAs an undergraduate pursuing a fine arts degree, Michael Wittmer felt commercial artists had “gone over to the dark side”.  It wasn’t until after graduation while working as a freelance artist that Michael realized the practical values of the graphic design industry—a field in which he’s spent the last 36 years.  “But yes”, he jokes, “I was right about ‘the dark side’”.