Dr. John Tribute


2/25/14 -- Yesterday, Quincy University lost a valuable colleague, dear friend, and loving mentor: Dr. John Schleppenbach.

A beloved communications professor, Dr. John was close to countless people here at QU, myself included.

I know I am not alone in feeling heartbroken at the suddenness of his passing. As many would say, Dr. John was the first person I met on campus. I originally met Dr. John while touring QU’s campus back in 2011. I’ve known the Schleppenbachs for three and a half years and they’ve had an immense impact on my life personally.

I met Dr. John through pursuing a journalism major. Although ultimately changing to music production, my relationship with Dr. John has never faltered. Instantly from meeting, Dr. John and I hit it off. He would stop me in the hall outside of his office to talk and he was the one to offer me my first on campus job.

I’ve continued the Early Exploratory Internship Program (EEIP) job all three years at QU as an office assistant. This is where I’ve gotten to know Dr. John intimately. More often than not, Dr. John and I would just talk rather than do any substantial work most days. I’ve spent more time laughing in that office than anywhere else on campus.

It pains me deeply to know that I won’t be able to walk into his office and see him sitting there at his desk, drinking a diet Coke, and offering tootsie rolls to those who pass by.

His corny jokes, love for the Cubs, and knowledge of just about everything are just a few things I will miss. If I ever had a question about anything, Dr. John always held the answer.  His unwavering encouragement, words of advice, and positive thoughts on his students are irreplaceable.

Dr. John always told me that he had the utmost confidence in my abilities as a student. I feel lost knowing he won’t be there to help guide me in my future endeavors. He once told me that he expected great things out of my fellow students and I; it is only natural that s

The Schleppenbachs, both Dr. Barb and Dr. John, have always been a huge part of my QU family and it is heartbreaking to hear we have lost one part of the dynamic duo.

One of the perks of going to a small campus is feeling like we are a family; the one downfall is that when tragedy strikes, the whole campus feels it. Right now, the campus is in mourning for Dr. John, Dr. Barb, and his family. We all miss him, but I know that he would have wanted us to continue striving for success each day, using the lessons he taught both inside and outside of the classroom.

RIP Dr. John


Sara Belmont
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