Dr. John Tribute


2/24/14 -- I went to Dr. John’s office this morning before my first class to talk to him about earning college credit for an internship I am doing this summer. I noticed a piece of paper taped to the door of his classroom reading, “Classes taught by Dr. John are cancelled today”.  I didn’t think too much of it. Dr. John’s wife, Dr. Barb, is sick. I figured he was just taking care of her. When I sat down in my first class, my phone vibrated. I checked it. It was an email reading “

Dear QU Community,

I am sorry to share with you the sad news that John Schleppenbach passed away this morning. Funeral arrangements are…

I didn’t read any further. All I could think was, “What? I knew his wife was sick. Was he? He seemed fine when I saw him last week. What happened?”

When I went to his office this morning, I figured, “He’ll be there. He’s got classes in ten minutes. I should be able to catch him”. There are always people that you take for granted. I don’t believe that I took what Dr. John did for me for granted. I simply took for granted that Dr. John would be here; that he would be in his office. It seems that no matter how hard you try to appreciate others, there is always some level that goes unappreciated.

My second to last blog post was about how much help both Dr. John and Dr. Barb were of help to me. They are an incredible help to anyone who asks, especially communication students. I, personally, cannot thank him enough for all of the help he has been to me in the professional world. Dr. John is going to be very, very hard to replace. He will be greatly missed by communication students, as well as by the entire Quincy University Community.


Patrick Kuhle
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