Dr. John Tribute

2/25/14 -- Yesterday, Quincy University lost a valuable colleague, dear friend, and loving mentor: Dr. John Schleppenbach.

A beloved communications professor, Dr. John was close to countless people here at QU, myself included.


Dr. John Tribute

2/24/14 -- I went to Dr. John’s office this morning before my first class to talk to him about earning college credit for an internship I am doing this summer. I noticed a piece of paper taped to the door of his classroom reading, “Classes taught by Dr. John are cancelled today”.

colleenmccormackShort Term Study Abroad

One of my favorite parts about QU is the variety of the classes that you have the option to take. Almost every semester I have taken at least one class that I really just want to be in for fun. Last semester my “fun” class was Cultures in Comparison: The London Experience.




1/22/14 -- When I started attending QU I was focused on bettering myself, but I was not aware of how much that goal would encompass.



Quincy University: The Résumé Builder

1/16/14 --It seems that in this day in age, you have to have a college degree if you want to be successful.  Not everyone can be Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerburg. Sometimes, a college degree may not be enough to get the job done.

colleenmccormackMerry Christmas!

It seems like it was just yesterday that we arrived back for the beginning of this semester, and here we are now 2 weeks away from Christmas break. Most of QU’s campus is arriving back from Thanksgiving break tonight.


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