Tuition & Costs

  • The Value of Your Quincy Degree

    When you graduate, your Quincy University degree will be a valuable asset as you begin your career or enter graduate school. And you'll appreciate it years later as you advance in your profession and accomplish lifelong goals. Your education here provides a strong foundation for future learning, professional skills that put you a step ahead in the job market, and opportunities to grow personally, ethically, and morally. It's a degree that employers respect and that you'll use throughout your life. Now that's a valuable investment!

    2015-2016 Costs

    The basic costs listed below represent the average cost of undergraduate attendance at Quincy University for two semesters. Your actual costs may vary slightly because of such items as lab fees, applied music fees, room cost, health insurance, damage deposit, and more. In addition to these direct university charges, be sure to consider what you will need for books, transportation, and personal expenses.

    Basic Costs for 2015-2016 (two semesters)  Resident  Commuter 
    Tuition (full time) $25,998 $25,998
    Room (may vary according to location) $5,500 -
    Board (may vary according to meal plan) $4,500 -
    General Fee (Student Activity & Technology) $1000 $1000
    Total Cost $36,998 $26,998

    Average Student Financial Assistance by Income


    • Includes all 2014-2015 dependent students who filed a FAFSA.
    • Includes all sources of scholarships, grants, student loans and campus jobs.
    • The chart represents averages and should not be used to project individual awards, which will vary based on family circumstances.

  • A Degree that Works for You

    We know that returning to college while balancing your job and family responsibilities is hard work. So, we make sure the degree you receive from Quincy University is worth it. With experienced professors and real-world academics, our Professional Degree Program prepares you for a career in human services, business administration, or elementary education. When you graduate, you'll be ready to put your degree to work.

    2014-15 Costs

    Tuition (per credit hour)             $380
    Online Fee (per course)             $175

  • An Investment in Your Career

    Your graduate degree from Quincy University affords you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a field you love and receive specialized hands-on research and training. The result? Enhanced qualifications that will help you advance in your profession. Think of your Quincy graduate degree as an investment in your career, an investment that provides rewarding returns year after year.

    2014-15 Costs

    Master of Business Administration

    Tuition (per credit hour) $490
    Online Fee (per course) $175

    Master of Science in Education

    Tuition (per credit hour) $400
    Online Fee (per course) $175

    Master of Science in Education in Counseling

    Tuition (per credit hour) $400
    Online Fee (per course) $175

    Master of Arts in Communications

    Tuition (per credit hour) $400
    Online Fee (per course) $175