affordability october
From the start, let’s make your college choice about value, not about cost. To do that you need to cut through a couple of myths:

1. Myth One -All colleges are the same. NOT! They vary widely in everything from academic challenges to community experiences. More important, as you’d expect if all college experiences aren’t the same, the outcomes are different as well. Where you go to college makes a difference!

2. Myth Two -That any college (including QU) can claim to be the perfect choice for you. For that to be true, all colleges would have to be the same AND all students would have to be the same. We know that’s not the case. You come with your own special set of interests, talents and dreams. We respect that. Understanding these two points – that colleges are different and that YOU are different – doesn’t make your college search any easier. You have to find the best match.

The point is that finding the best match isn’t about cost…it’s about the value you receive for the investment of your time and dollars. That’s not to say costs aren’t important…they’re just not important in October. Find the right college, and proceed with confidence about costs. When you find a college that fits, there is ALWAYS a way to make things work financially. At Quincy, for instance, 98% of our students receive scholarships and other financial aid that ranges from a few thousand dollars to full tuition. Scholarships can be based on academics, athletics, other extracurricular talents or financial need. Most of our students wouldn’t be here if those funds weren’t available so be confident we can make it possible for you as well. And, for now… Make it about value.