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  • Registration is open to all, including current QU students and visiting students.
  • Take summer classes while you are at home.
  • Move forward with your degree with a course or two this summer.

Current QU Students:
Meet with your advisor today.

Visiting (non-QU) Students:
Contact the QU admissions office at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 800-688-4295

2012 Summer Session:

  • Session A: June 4-28
  • Session B: July 2-26
  • Session C: June 4-July 26

Courses offered:
ACC 121 Principles: Financial Accouting, Session C
ACC 221 Management Accounting, Session C
BIL/ESL 320 Theoretical Foundations Bilingual Ed, Session C
BIO 232 General Microbiology, Session C Blended
BIO 282 Anatomy & Physiology I, Session A Blended
BIO 283 Anatomy & Physiology II, Session B Blended
BIO 340 Organix Evolution Coelho, Session C
BIO 354 Pathophysiology Coelho, Session C
BUS 215 Business Law Cosgrove, Session C
CHE 302 Organic Chemistry I, Session A Blended
CHE 302 Organic Chemistry I, Session B Blended
CHE 321 Biochemstry Luaders, Session C Blended
COM 201 Film Appreciation, Session C
COM 382 Business Communication, Session C
ECO 423 International Economics, Session C
EDU 290 Clinical Experience I, Session C Field Experience
EDU 291 Clinical Experience II, Session C Field Experience
EDU 312 Math Methods for Middle School, Session C
EDU 365 Education in Modern Society, Session A
EDU 390 Clinical Experience III, Session C Field Experience
EDU 391 Clinical Experience Seminar, Session C Field Experience
ELE 321 Math Methods in Ele/Middle, Session C
ENG 220 Great American Writers, Session C
ENG 382 Business Communication, Session C
ENT 497 Business Plan Development, Session C Blended
ESI 300 Theoretical Found Bil /ESL Ed, Session C
FIN 315 Business Finance, Session C
HIS 112 U.S. History II, Session A
HIS 220 History of American Popular Culture, Session B
MAT 125 College Algebra, Session A Blended
MGT 300 Principle of Management, Session C
MKT 331 Principles of Marketing, Session C Blended
Phi 323 Bioethics, Seltzer, C
PHI 327 Business Ethics, Session C
PSY 100 Intro to Psychology, Session A
SPE 229 Survey of Exceptional Students, Session A
SPE 235 Dia/Eval Studies: Stds with Disabilities, Session C
SPE 239 Char of Students with Special Needs, Session C
SPE 310 Inst. Methods -SPED/LD, Session A
SPE 365 Education in Modern Society, Session A
SPM 240 Intro: Phys Activity & Sports Mgt., Session A
Spm 264 Intro Sports Psychology, Session A
Spm 360 Leadership Phy Activity, Session B
SPM 440 Mgt Phys Activity & Spor, Session B
SPM 470 Sports Ethics, Session B
TRS 357 Gospels and Epistle, Session B
TRS 370 C.S. Lewis: Narnia & Beyond, Session A