Forensic Science

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Interested in the science behind a crime? At Quincy University you can earn a minor in Forensic Science or, as a Chemistry major, you can pursue a concentration in Forensic Science. Our Forensic Science program combines the study of forensic chemistry with investigative techniques from criminal justice to provide distinctive preparation in applying science to legal questions.

You will apply the tools of chemical analysis, biology, physics, and statistics to the puzzles underlying criminal and civil cases. You will study current forensic technologies pertaining to the examination of questioned documents, fingerprint techniques, polygraph examinations, ballistics, pathology, toxicology, and other chemical/laboratory testing.

Quincy professors maintain a strong connection to a valuable network of specialists who are active in the field. With their commitment to individualized instruction and advising, you will have a rich mentoring relationship with people who have experienced the career you're preparing to enter.

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