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The challenges of the future'developing sustainable energy, discovering miracle medicines, feeding a crowded planet—are being tackled today by professional chemists. If you like to solve puzzles and want to have a far-reaching impact on the world we live in, the Chemistry program at Quincy University is designed for you.

At Quincy the classic curriculum of Chemistry provides the foundation for specialized applications. Through expert lectures and guided lab explorations, you'll explore organic and inorganic matter, biochemistry, and physical chemistry. An interdisciplinary approach emphasizes mastery of key concepts from biology, mathematics, and physics, as well.

Our Chemistry program offers a bachelor of science in Chemistry; concentrations in Forensic Science and Pre-Professional (pre-medical, pre-pharmacy, pre-dental, and pre-physical therapy); and minors in Chemistry and Forensic Science. If you are considering a career in a health profession, Chemistry's Pre-Professional Concentration offers a proven path to your future. This major is carefully articulated with coursework in Biology to enable students to complete majors Biology and Chemistry in four years. The result? Graduates who have achieved admission placement rates which consistently reach or near 100 percent to schools of medicine, dentistry, optometry, and pharmacy or to advanced education in chemistry.

Our Forensic Science Concentration combines the study of forensic chemistry with investigative techniques from criminal justice to provide distinctive preparation in applying science to legal questions. Students apply the tools of chemical analysis, biology, physics, and statistics to the puzzles underlying criminal and civil cases.

Small class sizes and mentoring by professionals with the highest degrees in the field mean that you'll have feedback and guidance at every point in your academic career. Whether it's a tricky lab experiment, a difficult career decision, or a recommendation for graduate school, your advisor and professors will be ready to share advice and lend a hand. In the competitive world of admission to medical, dental, and other professional schools, the strategic insight of a skilled professional will give you a valuable edge.

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