Aviation Degree

Your future takes flight in this opportunity bound program

Partnered with Quincy’s Great River Aviation, this commercial air hub will become your classroom for a Aviation Degree. With three runways and low-traffic airspace, students advance quickly in Quincy’s intimate and professionally led Aviation program.

“A mile of road will take you a mile, but a mile of runway can take you anywhere.”

Your Aviation Degree Courses

Aviation Fun Facts

  • Our Aviation students are in the air as soon as their first day class.
  • Being in the Midwest, students will be able to see and experience all four seasons of weather and its effect on flying.
  • With a low student to instructor ratio, one on one time with instructors, airplane availability, and personal attention is never in question.
  • Being based at a working FBO rather than a separate building owned by the university, students have opportunities to meet and interact with real commercial pilots, providing invaluable networking opportunities.
  • Students can solo by the end of their first semester!
  • Not only do you gain flight experiences that will last you a lifetime but friends as well.
  • The Skyhawks Flight team allows students to compete in various aviation competitions with other top tier aviation universities.
  • The airplanes are maintained to the highest standard by highly experienced mechanics who have worked with the company for decades.
  • Students have the ability to talk and interact with Professional Pilots on a daily basis at the Great River Aviation FBO.
  • Students get the chance to fly to many major American cities during training.

Playing a Key Role

Quincy University and Great River Aviation have played a key role in goals I have been able to achieve. The staff was absolutely wonderful during my period of roughly two years. I recommend this flight school to other captains I fly with who have children in aviation and everyone who inquires about aviation in general.
Trevor Kleinschnittger, First Officer, Trans States Airlines

Your Career Options

  • Corporate pilot
  • Flight instructor
  • Cargo/freight pilot
  • Agricultural pilot
  • Aerial fire fighter
  • Air ambulance pilot
  • Air taxi pilot
  • Military pilot
  • Various positions with major or regional airlines

Active Learning Opportunities

Aviation degree students study at Great River Aviation through a partnership with Quincy University where they mingle with professionals and become intimately connected to the aviation world.

  • Join the Aviation Club, a student-run organization, offering field trips, community service projects and other activities that explore the world of flight.
  • Go to competitions with the Hawk’s Flight Team, an active member of the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA), sponsoring competitions to improve flying and safety skills.
Fun Fact: Our Aviation students are in the air as soon as their first day class.

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