MKT 331     Principles of Marketing
Credit Hours: 3
Primarily concerned with micromarketing: seeing marketing from a manager's viewpoint. The marketing concept is stressed with emphasis on strategy, planning, determining the marketing mix and behavior of target markets.

MKT 335     Sales Management
Credit Hours: 3
The course is broken down into two parts. Lecture and case studies explore the basic fundamentals of salesmanship. The second part deals with managing the sales force, territorial section, methods  of compensation and sales forecasting. Prerequisite: MKT 331.

MKT 338     Advertising
Credit Hours: 3
Provides a broad perspective and penetrating understanding of advertising—its social and economic function, its role in business, how it works, and its challenges and opportunities. Prerequisite: MKT 331.

MKT 362     Consumer Market Behavior
Credit Hours: 3
An analysis of consumer motivation, buying behavior, market adjustment and product innovation, including a survey of explanatory theories of consumer market behavior and producer reactions. This course covers behavioral aspects of the marking process from the producer to ultimate user or consumer. Prerequisite: MKT 331.

MKT 432     Market Research
Credit Hours: 3
This course covers the use of behavioral sciences research methods, social processes and structure influences upon marketing activities, demographic variables, studies of promotional activity, and strategy formulation models which provide an analytical structure for the solution of marketing problems. Prerequisites: ECO 225 and MKT 331.

MKT 452     Marketing Management
Credit Hours: 3
Course focuses on contemporary thought and
theory in marketing management. Exploring new ideas and perspectives in appraising, diagnosing and formulating marketing strategies. Prerequisite: MKT 331.

MKT 482    Practicum/Internship in Marketing
Credit Hours: 1-6
An assignment involving practical application of management or marketing theory. Students will normally work with a business firm or a nonprofit institution within the nearby tri-state area, easily accessible to students and faculty supervisors. Offered on demand only as opportunities are available. Approximately 50 hours of practicum are required per credit hour.

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