MGT 300     Principles of Management
Credit Hours: 3
This course is a treatment of fundamental principles which apply to all management, regardless of the type, size or purpose of the enterprise. The course seeks to integrate the findings of behavioral science with traditional concepts of organizing, planning, leading and controlling. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

MGT 301     Small Business Management
Credit Hours: 3
Tools for the entrepreneur, dangers of business ventures, planning, budgeting, forecasting, retail store management, employee relations and legal aspects, geared to small business operation.

MGT 340     Organizational Behavior in a Global Context
Credit Hours: 3
In an increasingly interconnected global economy, it is highly probable that students, as graduates, will find themselves involved with cultures other than their own at every step of their careers. This course introduces students to the knowledge-set and tools required to succeed in international organizations, working and managing across diverse cultures. Core concepts such as teamwork, leadership, cultural diversity, negotiation, conflict resolution and diversity and gender issues are explored within the framework of cross-cultural settings. Taught in Rome.

MGT 342     Theory of Organizational Behavior
Credit Hours: 3
A study of the principles and application of organizational theory, including individual motivation, group dynamics, interpersonal communication, leadership, organizational design, conflicts, and job satisfaction. Prerequisite: MGT 300.

MGT 345    Leadership in Free Enterprise System
Credit Hours: 3
This course will provide the student with the opportunity to study the evolution of leadership, various leadership theories and characteristics conducive to leadership development.

MGT 346    Leadership in Practice
Credit Hours: 1
Students will demonstrate leadership skills through special projects and group work as assigned and monitored by a faculty mentor. Students may earn a total of four credit hours, one credit hour per semester. Graded P/F.

MGT 352    Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
Credit Hours: 3
This course will introduce students to the area of human resource management and its increasing importance in the business community. Strategic implications and competitive arguments will be presented for maintaining a high quality human resource department within an organization. It will be shown that a highly functional human resource department contributes to the smooth operations of any organization (service or manufacturing).

MGT 360    Health Care Management
Credit Hours: 3
This course explores the basic principles and tools of management, including organizational planning, organizing, leading and controlling in a health care setting. This course will further explore competencies, behavioral styles, and values of leadership, as well as roles of leadership and teamwork in driving health care organizational effectiveness.

MGT 364     Operations Management
Credit Hours: 3
A study of operations management with emphasis on Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) and an overview of the principles of manufacturing: quality control, capacity planning, and production standards setting. Prerequisite: ECO 225.

MGT 480  Practicum/Internship in Management
Credit Hours: 1-6
An assignment involving practical application of management or marketing theory. Students will normally work with a business firm or a nonprofit institution within the nearby tri-state area, easily accessible to students and faculty supervisors. Offered on demand only as opportunities are available. Approximately 50 hours of practicum are required per credit hour.

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