International Business

Program Requirements

The School of Business offers a minor in International Business for students pursuing a major in Management, Marketing, Finance, or Accounting. This interdisciplinary minor is designed to give students general global knowledge to prepare them for positions in international divisions of American companies; to work in the import-export business; to seek careers in national or international governmental agencies; to establish international businesses; and to enter careers in international commercial and investment banking.

Requirements for a Minor:
In addition to the courses required for a Business major, the minor requires INB 423, POL 220; 6 hours chosen from INB 323, 325, 421, 425, 427, or 429; and 6 hours chosen from POL 236, 319, 324, 325, or 421. Must also meet minimum University requirements for a minor. A study abroad experience or two semesters of a foreign language is recommended.

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