International Business


INB 323     Comparative  Economic Systems
Credit Hours: 3
Examines the major economic systems of the world, in both theory and practice.  Focuses on a general understanding of how economic systems work and how economic theory interacts with government policy, history, and culture to explain economic performance in capitalist regulated markets, socialist regulated markets, socialist centrally planned economies, transitional economies and other emerging economic systems.

INB 325     Economic Problems in Developing Countries
Credit Hours: 3
Examines theoretical and policy issues in economic growth and development with emphasis on specific country policies and experience; alternative development paths; problems of development planning; policies for achieving growth and development in emerging countries; and conditions necessary for continued growth in advanced countries.

INB 421     International Accounting
Credit Hours: 3
An examination of concepts, current standards and problems related to financial accounting and reporting by U.S. enterprises. This course also provides the foundation for subsequent examination of accounting issues of multinational enterprises.  Prerequisites: ACC 121 and 221.

INB 423     International Economics and Business
Credit Hours: 3
This course focuses on the economic relationships among nations and the implications of such relationships for domestic economic activity and policies. Covers international trade theories, balance of payments, protectionism, foreign exchange, and the role of international institutions and international arrangements such as the International Monetary Fund, economic unions, and cartels. Prerequisite:  ECO 222. (Same as ECO 423)

INB 425     International Marketing Strategy
Credit Hours: 3
Due to cultural and business norms, marketing must be approached differently in many parts of the world. This course reviews basic marketing approaches and how they must be modified in differing country environments. Topics include applicability of market research, customer preference, pricing and promotion.  Prerequisite:  MKT 331.

INB 427     International Finance
Credit Hours: 3
This course provides basic financial tools necessary to understand foreign operations, including financial statement analysis, impact of foreign exchange rates and evaluation of performance in overseas markets. Prerequisite: FIN 315. (Same as FIN 427)

INB 429     International Business Strategies
Credit Hours: 3
Implementation of the traditional management functions (staffing, organizing, directing and controlling) within an international or global organization is the focus of this course.  Emphasis will be placed on the impact of international environment (differing legal restrictions, political forces, economic situations, roles of labor, cultural philosophies, etc.) on management practices. A major underlying theme throughout the course will be the financial and efficiency costs of adjusting to local requirements versus global rationalization.

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