International Business

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Business is expanding globally, and knowledge in international business can help you as you pursue a career here in the United States or abroad.

Quincy University's minor in International Business is for students pursuing a major in Management, Marketing, Finance, or Accounting. This interdisciplinary minor is designed to give you general global knowledge to prepare for positions in international divisions of American companies; to work in the import-export business; to seek careers in national or international governmental agencies; to establish international businesses; and to enter careers in international commercial and investment banking.

Our International Business courses are taught by School of Business and Political Science faculty, who possesses a firm understanding of what makes the business world work. Their ability to share that knowledge and help students learn is unmatched. International Business courses are small, which provides you the unique opportunity to develop close and meaningful relationships with our talented faculty and fellow students.

International Study
Your International Business minor is particularly suitable for international study, and Quincy collaborates with many overseas schools to provide semester-long academic experiences. Shorter programs such as the Assisi Experience and the London Experience offer academic credit for learning that includes firsthand exploration.

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