FIN 315      Business Finance
Credit Hours: 3
An introduction to the principles of financial management. The course emphasizes the three major components of the financial manager's function: financial planning and control, management of working capital, and long term financial opportunities. Prerequisites: ACC 121 and BUS 219.

FIN 325      Intermediate Finance
Credit Hours: 3
An advanced course in financial management of private and public corporations. Topics covered are valuation techniques, cost of capital, capital budgeting, capital structure, long term financing, working capital management. Prerequisite: FIN 315.

FIN 365      Risk Management & Insurance
Credit Hours: 3
The nature and orientation of nonspeculative risk in business management and methods of treating them. Major emphasis is on insurance.

FIN 367      Money and Banking
Credit Hours: 3
A study of the types and functions of financial institutions and operation of financial markets. Major emphasis is on their function as suppliers of credit to the financial system. Role of government regulatory agencies such as the Federal Reserve, FDIC and others. Prerequisites: ECO 222 and FIN 315.

FIN 415  Financial Statement Analysis
Credit Hours: 3
This course covers the interpretation, analysis, and evaluation of financial reports from viewpoints of creditors, owners, and investment firms. The impact of general business and specific industry situations, behavior of financial markets, credit or lending criteria, equity investment standards as related to financial statements to determine present and future financial conditions.  Prerequisite: FIN 315.

FIN 427      International Finance
Credit Hours: 3
This course provides basic financial tools necessary to understand foreign operations, including financial statement analysis, impact of foreign exchange rates, and evalution of performance in overseas markets. Prerequisite: FIN 315. (Same as INB 427)

FIN 435      Investment Principles Planning and Strategy
Credit Hours: 3
Alternative investment instruments, risks, return, and the investment process. Investment environments, analysis and valuation techniques, principles of portfolio management. Prerequisite: FIN 315.

FIN 436      Portfolio Management
Credit Hours: 3
Further studies in principles and methods of investing in fixed income, equity and derivative securities. Types of investment, analysis of securities market and the mechanics of trading will be covered, as well as principles of diversification and portfolio analysis.  Other topics include security analysis and equity valuation, including economy, industry, and company analysis. Prerequisites: FIN 315 and 435.

FIN 484      Practicum/Internship in Finance
Credit Hours: 1-6
An assignment involving practical application of Financial Management. Students will normally work with a business or nonprofit organization in the nearby area, easily accessible to students and faculty supervisors. Offered on demand, subject to availability of practicum opportunity. Approximately 50 hours of practicum are required per credit hour.

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