Theology and Philosophy

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If you enjoy thinking about and questioning the great ideas and mysteries of spiritual experience and human existence, then Quincy University's Theology & Philosophy program is for you.

Theology draws upon the scriptural, doctrinal, moral, ritual, and pastoral traditions of the great Western religions. Philosophy draws upon the history of ideas, classical and contemporary ethical theories, and societal critiques, with special emphasis on values that promote peaceful, harmonious, and just relationships. Quincy's Theology & Philosophy program recognizes the importance of an ongoing dialogue between theology and philosophy in seeking to address the deep and universal questions of human existence.

Our faculty members hold the highest degrees in their fields as well as expertise in the careers you are considering. They will guide you through a challenging curriculum as you develop the proficiencies of a mature thinker: fairness, scholarly objectivity, and intellectual versatility. You will examine your own religious beliefs and philosophical understandings, as well as those of those of others. This helps you formulate a comprehensive view of life that is intellectually defensible and emotionally and ethically satisfying, but also open to further growth, knowledge, and appreciation.

Our Theology & Philosophy program offers a bachelor of arts in Theology & Philosophy, as well as a minor in Theology. As part of the program, you will choose from one of four concentrations:
  • Theology
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Catholic and Franciscan Theology
  • Philosophy
Each concentration offers a particular lens through which to contemplate spiritual life and to prepare for your future. All foster rigorous intellectual activity and continuous ethical development.

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