Career Options

The abilities you'll develop as a Quincy English major will prepare you for versatility in a complex and rapidly changing workplace. People who have learned how to use language will find that they have a special and uncommon skill that will serve them well in society and the working world. Many English majors have succeeded in law school, for example, for the study of law is in great part the study of language. Critical language skills are useful in complex corporate undertakings. Skills in analysis and written communication are valuable assets in business. In addition, the adaptability skills learned in the study of literature and language are useful in dealing with the demands of a changing work environment.

Graduate and professional degree programs welcome Quincy English majors, who have studied at Marquette University, the University of Notre Dame, Northwestern University, Loyola University, Stanford University, University of Arkansas, and the University of Illinois. Quincy English alumni hold such positions as:
  • Attorney/Partner, Jones Day, Chicago
  • Associate Professor of English, University of Houston
  • Director of Communications, Diocese of Springfield
  • President, Shields Harper and Company
  • Chair, English Department, Quincy Junior High School
  • Attorney, Grenen and Birsic, P.C.
  • Director of Publications and Training Curriculum, Federation for Children with Special Needs

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