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The Communication curriculum integrates scholarly analysis of communication with the development of professional skills in electronic media, public relations, news editorial and professional communication. The professional competence sequence for Sports Communication is:
  • COM 200 (Understanding Media)
  • COM 205 (Communication and Human Behavior
  • COM 210 (Media Writing)
  • COM 330 (Advanced Media Writing)
  • COM 346 (Fundamentals of Sports for Broadcasting)
  • COM 363 (Technical Communication and Research Methods)
  • COM 381 (Principles of Public Relations)
  • COM 383 (Public Relations Campaigns)
  • COM 384 (Audio Production and Performance)
  • COM 385 (Television Production)
  • COM 390 (Communication Law and Ethics)
  • COM 395 (Publication Workshop)
  • COM 497 (Senior Seminar)
One sociopolitical course:
  • COM 350 (Interpersonal Communications)
  • COM 351(Intercultural Communication)
  • COM 352 (Women, Minorities and Media)
  • COM 353 (Politics and the Press)
  • COM 354 (Gender and Film)
  • COM 355 (Communication and Social Change)
Concentration courses:
  • SPM 263 (Sociology of Sport)
  • SPM 264 (Introduction to Sport Psychology)
  • SPM 430 (Sport Law)
Support courses:
  • ART 395 (Graphic Design for Desktop Publishing)
  • ENG 382 (Business Communications)
  • SPM 351 (Sport Marketing)
  • SPM 364 (Public and Media Relations in Sport).
Special Features/Unique Programs:

Our students experience an integrated curriculum with five areas of specialization, programs assessed annually and guided by an advisory board of media professionals, an array of the latest technological resources and internship and service opportunities on campus and in the community. Communication technology includes: the multimedia editing lab, the field production lab, the graphic design and publishing lab and classes at NBC affiliate WGEM-TV.

Community internships include: television affiliates of NBC, CBS, the WB, and FOX, several radio stations, public relations firms such as Media Development and Meyer Polleck and Justice Publications and web publishers.

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