Advertising Production


ART 290    Introduction to Computer Graphics
Credit Hours: 3
Instruction and practical exercises in the use of bitmapped (pixel based) software currently used to create and generate black and white and color graphics.  Student learns necessary computer commands to use software and to produce assigned graphics/commercial art layouts using assorted printing options. Methods of merging text with graphics as well as design concepts that feature capabilities of computer graphics will be studied. Adobe Photoshop will be explored. Recommended: ART 121.

ART 395    Graphic Design for Desktop Publishing
Credit Hours: 3
This course will focus on the creative and practical use of high-end graphic design software. Students will learn design fundamentals, including composition, layout, typography, pagination, style, format and project planning. Adobe InDesign is the major software used as well as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Prerequisites: ART 121 and 290 or 390.

ART 465  Advertising and PR Campaigns for Non-profits
Credit Hours: 3
This course will provide practical experience to upper-level students in the cross-disciplinary fields of advertising, design, marketing communications, and public relations. During the semester, students will provide a host of services for an area non-profit organization in a "client" and "agency" relationships.

ART 490    Web Design
Credit Hours: 3
An exploration into design for the Web from concept to structure, preparation, and production. This course will revolve around the use of Dreamweaver. Prerequisite: ART 290.

COM 381     Principles of Public Relations
Credit Hours: 3
Study of and practice in the tools of effective and ethical communication between an organization and its publics. Introduces public relations management techniques, PR models, creation and analysis of messages to address internal, media, and community publics. Prerequisite: COM 210.

COM 393    Writing for Advertising and Commercial Communication
Credit Hours: 3
This course provides in-depth exploration and opportunities for practice in copywriting for advertising and other commercial purposes. Projects will reflect an understanding of the role of market research and an emphasis on development of comprehensive campaigns and portfolios. Previous courses in marketing and media writing suggested but not required.

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