Criminal Justice

Program Requirements

Program Requirements for Criminal Justice Major:
1. Completion of the Bonaventure Program and requirements for undergraduate degrees.
2. The technological literacy requirement will be fulfilled by CIS 101 Introduction to Information Technology. An alternative computer course may be used with the permission of the Criminal Justice Department if an alternative course meets the student's needs.
3. 36 hours of coursework in Criminal Justice at the 200-400 level.
4. Required courses: CRJ 101, 242, 245, 246, 310, 340, 343, 344, and 6 credit hours of practicum (CRJ 480/481); CRJ 347 (strongly recommended) or POL 364.
5. Required support courses: SOC 200; SOC 330; POL 200 and 260; MAT 150 or SOC 230; PSY 100 and 312 and CIS 101.
6. The comprehensive experience calls for the completion of 6 credit hours of practicum experience and a written report based upon the practicum experience.
7. A grade of "C-" or higher is required in all major courses.
8. Students who double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice must complete the Psychology Research Methods sequence, therefore the Criminal Justice support courses of MAT 150 or SOC 230, and SOC 330 are  waived. Students must complete two of the three required practica (two Criminal Justice and one Psychology) and must substitute a 300-400 level Criminal Justice or Psychology elective in the area of the practicum not  taken.

Requirements for a Minor:
18 hours of Criminal Justice coursework including CRJ 101 and 343, plus 12 hours at the 200-400 level (excluding CRJ 480/481). Must also meet minimum

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