Criminal Justice

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Quincy University's Criminal Justice program prepares you to be an intelligent and ethical decision-maker in a challenging career. You'll master the fundamentals of law, forensics, and psychology and focus on restorative justice, learning to repair the damage done by crime and healing those affected by it. In every course, you'll gain the forensic edge that's so valuable to contemporary investigation.

You'll gain real-world experience in the field through an applied practicum, working in a criminal justice agency such as the probation department, court system, police and sheriff's departments, and agencies serving troubled youths.

Your professors and advisors will be experienced professionals with expertise in specific areas of law enforcement. They maintain a strong connection to a valuable network of specialists who are active in the field. With their commitment to individualized instruction and advising, you will have a rich mentoring relationship with people who have experienced the world you're preparing to enter.

Our Criminal Justice program grants a bachelor of science degree and offers criminal justice and forensics minors.

Forensic Science Minor

Quincy's Forensic Science minor [1.6.6] brings scientific insight to legal questions that may change the course of criminal and civil cases. You'll learn forensic technologies, including fingerprint techniques, pathology, and toxicology. Our minor comprises 26 credit hours, including courses in Chemistry and Biology and a Criminal Justice class on investigative techniques.

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