Semester Study Abroad


Quincy University has several partnerships that allow students to take advantage of a number of sememster study abroad opportunities.  For more information, visit the partner sites below...

College Consortium for International Studies
Through our membership in this consortium, QU students may enroll directly at Quincy University and participate in 48 different academic programs in 29 countries.  Students may study in Europe, Central and South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and North America.  QU students have studied in Spain, Ecuador, Mexico, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, England, Costa Rica, Germany, and Canada.  Click HERE to visit the CCIS website.

Loyola University Rome Center
The University maintains a longstanding relationship with the Loyola University Rome Center enabling students to study in Rome for a semester or a year. Students must be accepted and register through the Loyola Rome Center and transfer the credit back to the University upon their return.  Click HERE to visit the Loyola University Rome Center website.

Regent's University London, England
As a result of an affiliation agreement with Regent's University London, England, several Quincy University students study in London each year. Students enroll directly at Quincy University and complete their coursework at Regent's University in central London.  Click HERE to visit the Regent's University London website.