Service Learning

Stream Team


What is Stream Team?
Missouri Stream Team is a network of citizens who are concerned about Missouri streams. Groups form local chapters to become directly involved in stream conservation. There are over 2000 chapters throughout the state. The basic idea is to periodically monitor streams via invertebrate sampling and chemical testing to determine water quality. To find out more, see the official Missouri Stream Team web page.

The Home Team
Our chapter was founded in Fall 2004 by Dr. Joe Coelho, then a Level 2 stream team volunteer. We decided to monitor the South Fabius River. It is nearby, has convenient accesses, has a large watershed, and is one of the most scenic rivers in northeast Missouri. Our Stream Team is one of few that monitors in the northeast part of the state.

Our StreamTeam is associated with the Institute for Franciscan Environmental Studies. It includes members of the QU Environmental Club and various biology classes, as well as other environmentally minded people who enjoy the outdoors.